Financial Counselor

There are two resources available to help patients with their medical bills.

(1) A financial counselor available to help the patients pay their hospital and physician bills.

(2) A financial assistance program available through the pharmacy to help patients pay for their medications. 

You must qualify to participate in these assistance programs.

Financial Counselor
for Hospital and Physician Bills

If you need help with your bills, see Hilda Williams. Her phone number is 919-966-7023. She is located in the 3rd floor lobby area across the hall from the ACC Pharmacy. When she is not available you may reach out to Brandon Bouie, Radiology ACC-Floor 1. His number is 919-843-1837

Pharmacy Assistance

If you are having trouble paying for your medicines, see the Pharmacy’s Counselors. 

The Pharmacy Counselor is located next to the Hospital Pharmacy. 

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