UNC Internal Medicine Travel Clinic

Let us help you plan for safe and healthy travel. For appointments call 984-974-4462.

International travel carries risks, but many of those risks can be mitigated by taking a few precautions.  Take time to plan for safe and healthy travel.  During your visit our doctors will review your itinerary and help you decide which immunizations and which medications will be right for you.  Immunizations given two weeks before departure can prevent hepatitis, typhoid fever, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis.  Medications can prevent malaria, shorten the course of travelers’ diarrhea and reduce your risk of altitude sickness.  The UNC Internal Medicine Travel Clinic carries all the vaccines you might need including yellow fever vaccine.  We will give you the information you need to choose the treatments that will be best for you.

Clinic hours and appointments:

  1. To request an appointment call the UNC Internal Medicine Clinic – 984-974-4462
  2. The clinic operates 9-5 on Wednesdays.  Appointments may be made on other days by special request.
  3. The clinic is located within the Internal Medicine Clinic in the Ambulatory Care Building.              

To prepare for your visit:

  1. Bring your itinerary.  We need to know what countries you are visiting and in some cases we need to know what regions of a country you will visit. 
  2. Bring your immunization record.  If you don’t have one, contact your doctor’s office and ask for a record of all your immunizations.
  3. Visit the clinic at least 2 weeks before departure to give vaccines a chance to work. 

Payment policy:

  1. The standard charge for a consultation in the travel clinic is $123.  Most insurance companies pay for this preventive service, but some will not.  The charge is reduced to $74 for patients who must pay out of pocket.
  2. Many insurance policies will cover the cost of some immunizations.  The clinic will file these charges, but will expect you to pay for any costs that are not covered.

 Travel Advice:

  1. Yellow Fever Vaccine
  2. Travelers' Diarrhea
  3. Malaria Prevention
  4. Jet Lag
  5. Altitude Sickness
  6. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine