James Evans, MD, PhD

Bryson Distinguished Professor of Genetics & Medicine, Director, Adult and Cancer Clinical Genetics Services

James Evans, MD, PhD

Bryson Distinguished Professor of Genetics & Medicine
Director, Adult and Cancer Clinical Genetics Services

5034 Old Clinic Building
CB 7110
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Administrative Assistant: Cathy Cornett
Phone: 919-966-2007
Fax: 919-843-0291

Dr. Evans is Professor of Genetics and Medicine at The University of North Carolina and Editor-in-Chief of Genetics in Medicine, the journal of the American College of Medical Genetics. After obtaining his MD and Ph.D from the University of Kansas he served as resident and Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at UNC. He trained in medical genetics at The University of Washington.

Dr. Evans is interested in cancer genetics, the use of new sequencing technologies in clinical care, and broad issues related to the use of genetic information. He has serves as an advisor and educator to both the executive and judicial branches of the Federal government regarding genetic matters. He lives in Chapel Hill.

MD, University of Kansas, 1983
PhD, University of Kansas, 1984

Internal Medicine, 1987
Medical Genetics, 1993
Molecular Diagnostics, 1993

General internal medicine, medical genetics, cancer genetics.

Dr. Evans' focus is on cancer genetics. He studies high risk families in which there appears to exist a genetic predisposition to cancer, especially of the breast and ovaries. Genetic testing plays an increasing role in determining the appropriate therapy which should be undertaken when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Evans is interested in the role that predictive genetic testing plays in patient's decisions with respect to their future risk of cancer and measures that can be taken to influence those risks. Finally, Dr. Evans is involved in teaching high-court judges from throughout the world about genetics.

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