Bloomer Hill Free Clinic

Attending schedule and directions to Bloomer Hill, a free medical clinic, run jointly by UNC medical students and local community organizers.


1. I-40 East to I-440 beltline (north and east direction).
2. Take I-440 to Hwy 64 E exit (to Rocky Mount).
3. Exit 64 to Hwy 301 North (exit #468A -- Wesleyan College Exit).
4. Take a left off the exit ramp.
5. Follow 301 North.
6. When the road splits, be sure to bear to the right onto 301 North.
7. As soon as you pass "Consolidated Diesel," be on the lookout for Bloomer Hill community center on the right.

Read UNC's Spotlight on "The people's clinic" here.

Any changes to this schedule should be given to Penny Chumley


Attending Physician

7/9/16 Alex Kaysin
8/6/16 Evan Ashkin
9/10/16 Tom Keyserling
10/1/16 Mike Gilchrist
11/5/16 Kathy El Amraoui
12/3/16 Nick Shungu
1/7/17 Closed for snow
2/4/17 Crystal Cene
3/4/17 Marco Aleman
4/1/17 Martha Carlough
5/6/17 Chrissy Kistler
6/3/17 Marco Aleman

Last updated 2/17/17