IMPACT (Improving Meals and Physical Activity in Children and Teens) is a school-based program designed to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors in 4th grade students by harnessing the power of peer influence and mentoring, empowering students to make healthy decisions, encouraging leadership, and having fun.

Once per week over the course of the program, UNC health professions students will lead an interactive hands-on lesson with the 4th grade students about topics such as choosing healthy snacks, reading nutrition labels, and learning about various food and physical activities from around the world.

Currently, IMPACT is taught to 4th graders from three classrooms at Glenwood Elementary.

We Need Your Help

We are looking for

  • Health professional students to be involved in IMPACT – you can help teach, organize programs, or be involved in any other way you would like!
  • 4th grade teachers or schools in the Triangle area who would like to have IMPACT taught in the classroom.
  • Parents who would like to learn more about the IMPACT program.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about IMPACT, please feel free to contact: