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Status Key: Completed in AY 2022 Completed & Ongoing for AY 2023 New for AY 2023 On time for AY 2023 Restructured for AY 2023


  • Collaborate with UNC-CH offices to recruit and hire qualified URM doc and post doc candidates.

    Status: On time

    Identify and hire at least 1 new URM faculty.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Administration

  • Mentoring of faculty and staff to incorporate DEI efforts into work responsibilities  

    Status: On time

    DEI discussed with all faculty and staff annual evaluations.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Administration

Access and Success

  • Collaborate with faculty at historically minority serving institutions to provide more experiences for students at both institutions by the end of 2022-23 fiscal year.

    Status: On time

    Select 1-2 faculty at historically minority serving institutions/ joint hires or co-teaching courses at both institutions.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Administration on both campuses

  • Admissions Directors will share admissions/retention/graduation data for 2021-22 by the end of 2022 fiscal year.

    Status: On time

    Demonstrate data trends for URM students in all disciplines to determine ways to improve our admissions and retention policies as needed.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Admissions Directors for each Division

  • Admissions Directors will share best practices with one another to decrease bias and increase successful admissions of qualified students.

    Status: On time

    Person/Dept Responsible: Admissions Directors

Climate and Intra/Intergroup Relations

  • Improve the quality of DEI information on the web and communicate with all partners.

    Status: On time

    New Communications Director begins in October 2021. Meetings will be scheduled to share expectations and track progress on effective website communication.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Communications Director; JEDI Committee

  • Students will be encouraged to share feedback and concerns about treatment by preceptors, faculty and students while in the program.

    Status: On time

    Integrate student satisfaction surveys into coursework or division programs in order to perform an analysis of any perceived mistreatment

    Person/Dept Responsible: SS Associate Chair and Alice Chuang (SOM)

  • Faculty will be encouraged to participate in 1-3 DEI offerings/year.

    Status: On time

    Faculty will register with the SOM DEI Certificate Program or other UNC initiatives to complete trainings and share with other faculty and staff how to implement these trainings into the curriculum.

    Person/Dept Responsible: JEDI team

Curriculum and Scholarship

  • Seven diversity specific scholarships will be given each year to URM students.

    Status: On time

    Each Division will have at least 1 scholarship that is specific for recruiting URM students each year.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Division Directors; UNH Health

  • Work with the Federal Work Study Office to secure additional funding for students.

    Status: On time

    Graduate student work study opportunities have been curtailed during the past year. Work to get this re-instated.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Financial Aid Personnel

  • Social Justice curriculum will be included on each syllabus along with the diversity statement.

    Status: On time

    All areas of curriculum (research, teaching and clinical) should have diversity statements and demonstrate the importance of social justice. This should include expansion to our clinical training sites and the associated preceptors in the community.

    Person/Dept Responsible: All faculty

Community Engagement

  • Work closely with the AHEC Allied Health Director’s to identify areas of need.

    Status: On time

    Identify at least 1 geographical area to target and work with to serve the population by 2023.

    Person/Dept Responsible: AHEC Liaison, AHEC Regions and DAHS faculty

  • Matriculating students will be required to have a fieldwork experience in a rural/underserved area.

    Status: On time

    Each student will be exposed to the health disparities and needs of rural/underserved areas of NC and demonstrate an awareness in the final evaluation of the experience.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Clinical Coordinators