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Status Key: Completed in AY 2022 Completed & Ongoing for AY 2023 New for AY 2023 On time for AY 2023 Restructured for AY 2023


  • Develop an approach/metric for formally recognizing DEI service/activity in faculty evaluations

    Status: On time

    COMPLETED: A question will be added to the annual review form and used to help our faculty build, as a living document, their DEI self-reflective statement that is now a requirement of their CV

    NEW ITEM/COMPLETED ITEM: Faculty invited to use CV DEI statement and Annual Review DEI text as basis for participation in “Diversity Through Lived Experiences” social media campaign, organized by the department’s DEI Social Media Working Group

    NEW ITEM/COMPLETED ITEM: Faculty provided with examples of DEI-related activities that they may include for consideration in their annual review.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Meltzer-Brody; Girdler Brownley, Weiss (WG chair) Girdler

  • Establish and maintain DEI Task Force Working Groups (WGs) charged with developing, refining, and operationalizing DEI initiatives over time, meeting monthly

    Status: On time


    6 Working Groups have held 3 monthly meetings each, as of Jan 25, 2021; selected chairs/co-chairs;

    1. Recruitment, Retention, & Support
    2. Social Media, Website & Publicity
    3. DEI Education & Training
    4. DEI Ethics & Legislation
    5. Patient Engagement & Community Outreach
    6. Metrics & Evaluation

    UPDATES: (1) WGs have been consistently meeting on a monthly basis since October 2021. (2) Oversight of Groups 5 and 6 now provided through the newly formed Mental Health Equity Program

    Person/Dept Responsible: Brownley/Workgroup chairs Hunt-Harrison/ Brownley

  • Expand DEI Task Force Working Groups to include as-of-yet “missing” stakeholders, e.g. Nursing, Basic science faculty & staff, Support staff (front desk, custodial, etc), and Graduate students / postdocs/Psych interns

    Status: Completed


    Added 7 new members representing:

    1. Medical Assistants
    2. Research Staff & Managers
    3. Social Work Practitioners
    4. Administrative Assistants
    5. Faculty


    UPDATE: Social Media WG expanding to include Residents, who bring unique perspectives and interests in social media communication and connection. WG will also collaborate directly with Resident’s Diversity Committee. The hope is that their contributions will further enhance the appeal of the campaign so that more department clinicians will participate and so our outward-facing communication is more balanced regarding the department’s future DEI needs and efforts.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Brownley/Workgroup chairs Brownley/Weiss/ Dawkins/Li

  • Establish DEI advisory panel of DEI Working Group leaders (1/group), meeting with the DEI Director quarterly

    Status: On time


    Kick-off meeting scheduled

    Work groups chairs present draft strategies to Director by 01/30/21 02/30/21

    Director submits report to Department chair by 02/15/21 03/15/21


    UPDATE: Advisory Panel meetings, recurring quarterly since February 2021.

    Person/Dept Responsible: Brownley

Access and Success

  • Design and implement strategies to increase the recruitment and selection of trainees, from underrepresented minority groups and their success.

    Status: On time

    UPDATE: 6 WG developed road maps for 2021-2022. Roadmaps were presented to faculty and staff at various meetings. Key elements of those roadmaps are:

    1. Focus Groups to drill down on existing barriers to attracting, recruiting, hiring, retaining, and supporting a diverse workforce.
    2. Monthly blog posts focusing on mental health equity and Psychiatry workforce/pipeline diversity, including faculty/staff contributions that put the “UNC spin” on current hot topics.
    3. Discussion panels and quarterly ethics and legislation bulletin to educate and inform about DEI-related concerns, especially those affecting patients and their families such as: de-weaponizing clinic notes, non-law enforcement response to behavioral health crises
    4. Promote development of cultural competency and provide resources for DEI-related trainings, including a resource library, curriculum consultations, journal club
    5. Build department DEI metrics dashboard

    Continued advocacy to address bathroom access and related micro/macroaggressions for nonbinary persons who work and seek treatment at UNC

    Person/Dept Responsible: Workgroup chairs, Brownley, Meltzer-Brody Brownley/WG co-chairs

Climate and Intra/Intergroup Relations

  • Improve cross-cultural interaction/ engagement within the department

    Status: Completed

    Organize meet-up groups based on social interests (e.g., cooking, hiking, travel) and similar per input from Social Working Group, etc. Feature URM colleagues’ “get to know me/my family/my country of origin”

    UPDATE: after further consideration and input from department members, this idea will be archived for now. 

    COMPLETED: Develop and implement department-wide “Diversity Through Lived Experience” Digital Media Campaign to promote diversity within the department, share our attitudes toward fighting for equality, and highlight the personal diversity within our department (focus on individual life stories, what DEI means on a personal level, what each has done to contribute to DEI)

    UPDATE: With input from the Resident’s DEI committee and their leadership, the campaign has been refined/revised and renamed “#GetToKnowUs” in an effort to focus the campaign more on showcasing the “unseen” diversity within our department and strike a better balance regarding sensitivity to different meanings of the word, ‘diversity’

    Person/Dept Responsible: Working group chair(s), Sam Weiss; Brownley

Curriculum and Scholarship

  • Improve cultural humility and cultural competency through sponsorship and coordination of DEI trainings and learning opportunities, both required and optional, such as: Bias 101, REI Groundwater, and Grand rounds that a) focus on DEI clinical and research topics and b) feature presenters from URM groups

    Status: On time

    REI Groundwater completed 08/12 and 08/19

    Schedule 2nd Groundwater session 2020

    GR speakers (Goldenberg, race in medicine, 09/09/20; Lu, cultural competency, 09/30/20)

    Add training opportunity schedule to Mental Health Matters newsletter


    Diversity Leadership Retreat – Feb ‘21

    REI full 2-day training, March ‘21

    BIAS 101 scheduled, April ’21

    UPDATED: Grand Rounds

    1. Glowinski, Recruiting, Training, Including and Retaining URM Psychiatrists, 12/9/20
    2. Albritton, Racial battle fatigue, CRT & Psychotherapeutic Practice, 2/10/21
    3. Kales, Moving evidence-based care out of the ivory tower and into the real world, 3/31/21

    UPDATED: Weekly newsletter entries that highlight

    1. Recent scholarly works/publications that address mental health disparities, the intersection of DEI and Research Ethics, etc.
    2. Local and virtual DEI-related current events and trainings

    Person/Dept Responsible: Meltzer-Brody, Brownley, WG, Chief residents Brownley

Community Engagement

  • Share Psychiatry lessons-learned and roadmaps

    Status: On time

    Audience: DEI Liaisons Completed August 20, 2021

    Person/Dept Responsible: Brownley

  • NEW: Establish Mental Health Equity Program for UNC Psychiatry

    Status: On time

    Hired Director (Dr. Hunt-Harrison), Spring 2021

    Establish MHEP program structure and aims. MHEP to take lead on department metrics & evaluation efforts, URM trainee recruitment & support, trainee DEI curriculum, community and stakeholder engagement, DEI research methods education and implementation

    Strengthen DEIP/MHEP oversight and collaboration:  

    1. Promote Program Directors to Vice-Chair positions, August 2021

    Monthly joint DEIP/MHEP leadership meetings, starting Oct 2021

    Person/Dept Responsible: Meltzer-Brody Hunt-Harrison/ Brownley/Baker Meltzer-Brody Meltzer-Brody/Hunt-Harrison/Brownley