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The MED Program

MED provides a focus on the development of individualized and group work through learning, study, and test-taking skills in addition to pre-professional counseling, seminars, workshops, and orientation to the medical and dental school environment. MED develops the person, the scholar, and the professional through a variety of components each summer:

Demanding academic preparation

The academic level is that of beginning medical / dental studies for rising college seniors and postgraduates planning to apply to medical or dental school in the near future.

Students are engaged in over 200 scheduled class and lab hours with medical and dental faculty in:

  • Gross Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Dental Theory Lab & Technique
  • Histology
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology

Professional seminars

In addition to the academic learning experience, seminars throughout the program are provided to explore various aspects of health care and professional development. Topics range from:

  • Learning Skills
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Admissions
  • Cultural Competency
  • LGBTQ Health
  • Rural Health
  • Kidney Care
  • Translational Research
  • Larry D. Keith Health Professions Recruitment Fair
  • Clinical Role Models

Patient simulation experience

Students will have the opportunity to conduct a patient simulation experience in the UNC School of Medicine Clinical Skills Center. IV placement, blood draws, and suture workshops are standard experiences each summer.

Exploration of the admissions process

MED Program staff will guide participants as they explore the admissions process and allow students the opportunity to better research, navigate, and plan their next step towards their health professions goal. Through a series of speakers, workshop, and seminars students will explore topics including but not limited to:

  • Professional Program Selection
  • Budgeting
  • Mentorship
  • Personal Statement Development
  • Application Development
  • Application Review
  • Interview Skills Development
  • Clinical Skills Development

The Larry D. Keith Health Professions Recruitment Fair

Students have the opportunity to meet with representatives from almost 40 various university health professional programs from across the nation. Workshops and panel discussions regarding pre-health professional topics are also take place during the fair.


A program evaluation is issued to scholars who complete the program and is favorably recognized by admissions committees throughout the country. Participants receive a holistic review and a recommendation based on their program average as part of this evaluation as well as a certificate upon completion of the program.

Evaluation Component Description
Cover letter:Overview of program and evaluation
Holistic evaluation narrative:• Student background
• Overview of MED student experience
• Recommendation
Student scores/class means:BIOCHEMISTRY
Exam 1: 73
Class Mean: 80.93
Exam 2: 72.4
Class Mean: 80.94
Final: 70
Class Mean: 71.60
Student performance evaluation scale:90% to 100%: Highest Recommendation
80% to 89%: Recommend
70% to 79%: Recommend with Reservations
Below 70%: Cannot Recommend At This Time.
Student needs additional academic course work.
Note: A UNC-CH transcript is NOT issued, although some institutions may elect to give credit.

Stipend and housing accommodations

The amount of the taxable stipend is $3,000, which is distributed in two installments: $2,000 is dispersed 21 days after students arrive on campus. The remaining $1,000 is dispersed at students complete the program. Any parking fees, room damages, or replacement fees are deducted from the last stipend. These funds are intended to help subsidize the cost of meals, transportation, and general living expenses. Housing and other program materials (books & lab materials) are provided by the MED Program.