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An important part of the MED process is the feedback; we aim to improve the program year to year based on student evaluations. Here are some testimonials from MED students from previous summers on their experiences.

  • Alexis Flen

    Alexis Flen
    MED 2018

    MED was an invaluable experience that heavily contributed to my current success in medical school. The breadth and depth of the curriculum equipped me with a solid foundation in Immunology, Anatomy, Microbiology and beyond. MED has an intangible quality that makes it very unique. Working with like-minded pre-health students fostered a drive and dedication to the course material that I believe is unmatched. Learning from current UNC SOM faculty during the summer established a standard of learning that is unrivaled. Additionally, the OSEE and OAE department acted as an amazing support system throughout my medical journey. As a current UNC SOM student, I retrospectively appreciate the values of collaborative learning and determination that the MED solidified and use them on a daily basis as a life time learner.

    – Alexis Flen

  • Erika Baker

    Erika Baker
    MED 2015, MED TA 2018

    MED was such a life changing experience. It allowed me to understand what it would take to succeed in professional school, but more importantly I showed me that I was capable of doing such. The environment and culture of the MED program is something that every professional student needs to experience.

    – Erika Baker

  • Osagie Grace

    Grace Osagie
    MED 2016, MED TA 2019

    I participated in the UNC MED Program in the summer of 2016. Before starting MED, I combated the fear of not meeting the mark because of my race, gender, and socioeconomic status. When I entered MED, I realized we all were struggling against those same fears. The MED program evicted my feeling of being weighed down and rendered inferior by statistics that put me in the minority because of my race and gender. While I felt academically ready, MED brought me the confidence and tenacity to press on to what I used to believe was an impossible goal of becoming a physician despite any barriers in front of me. By the end of the program, I found myself amongst not just a tight network of peers, but of friends who mutually shared and uplifted me through their perseverance for academic excellence.

    – Grace Osagie

  • Aaron Morris

    Aaron Morris
    MED 2018

    You only have so many life-altering experiences within your lifetime and for MED was one of them. After completing MED, I had instilled enough confidence and acquired enough skills to navigate medical school. MED is challenging and will force participants to push themselves beyond what they think they can complete. The family that you create at MED provides a support network that helps you develop as a person. My transition into medical school was aided by my time at MED because of the work life-balance skills that are necessary to do well.

    – Aaron Morris

  • Dillon Strepay

    Dillon Strepay
    MED 2017, MED TA 2019

    I had always been nervous about handling the academic rigor of medical school at a large school like UNC. The MED program gave me the confidence that I could succeed at a high level among students from all academic backgrounds.

    In addition to the academic aspect of the program, MED provided guidance throughout my application process and made sure I was ready professionally for medical school.

    The MED program has been a springboard for my academic career and instrumental in my success thus far in my MS1 year.

    – Dillon Strepay

  • Dylane Davis

    Dylane Davis
    MED 2018

    For me, it was extremely helpful with gaining the study skills I needed to master the high yield concepts in medical school. We learn so much information, and there’s really no way you’re going to master EVERYTHING, so MED really prepared me with how to identify the high yield concepts and not get caught up in the small details. Furthermore, with the vast amount of information we do have to know, sometimes your undergraduate study skills don’t necessarily transfer well to medical school. MED gave me the opportunity to try different study tactics, both in a group and individually. Today I use a lot of the study skills I tested out in MED, when studying for my exams, and group studying with my classmates. Lastly, I will say that the MED curriculum was particularly helpful when coming to UNC SOM. ALL of the MED curriculum has been reflected within the UNC SOM curriculum. It gave me a foundation, so this is actually my second run through with seeing a lot of the information I’m learning now. So, it’s very helpful to have a solid medical background going into these medical school courses that I would otherwise not have.

    – Dylane Davis

  • Deen Garba

    Deen Garba
    MED 2016, MED TA 2018

    Quite honestly, it is very hard to put into words how much MED means to me. Beyond academic enrichment, MED was a hub of motivation and support that helped me develop several areas of my own personal life. My initial desire was simply to prove my aptitude for a career in medicine, but I left excited to be a globally impactful citizen, largely due to the time and effort MED staff and TAs spent with me. I owe a huge debt to the MED program for surrounding me with classmates, mentors, and lifelong friends, and I remain grateful and humbled to be an alumnus of the program’s enduring legacy.

    – Deen Garba

  • Theodore Moore II

    Theodore Moore II
    MED 2017

    I’m truly grateful for the opportunity MED gave me to learn how to maximize my abilities through undergoing the 9 weeks of intensive coursework. MED instilled key foundational concepts and discipline that I never received in the past which has provided a strong foundation for how I currently study in medical school. Most importantly, MED is a network composed of classmates, MED alumni, leaders and faculty which many of whom still impact me to this day.

    – Theodore Moore II