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The undergraduate Rural Medicine Pathway Program is composed of Carolina Covenant Scholars from underserved rural populations within North Carolina who want to make a lasting impact within their communities. The program is the result of a partnership between the UNC School of Medicine and the Carolina Covenant Scholars Program with a goal to increase the number of students from rural NC applying to and pursuing Medical school.

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Benefits of RMPP

Rural Medicine Pathway Program Gathering
  • Faculty mentor and advising 
  • Build understanding of rural medicine and the application process of applying to medical school. 
  • Partnership work with community provider and/or clinical team over summer engagement experience during the summer after sophomore year 
  • Cohort-based programming and cohort-based community service opportunities to build peer-to-peer relationships 
  • Support for internships and shadowing experiences during academic year 
  • Support for application for nationally recognized UNC-Medical Education Development (MED) program between junior and senior year 

Program Eligibility

  • Have to be Covenant Scholars
  • Have to be second year students
  • Preference will be given to students from rural North Carolina


Academic Year:

  • Attendance at regular cohort meetings with faculty directors
  • Attendance at sponsored events to highlight and share program
  • Community-service once/semester with cohort (SECU house, Habitat for Humanity, etc.)
  • Participation in recruitment events for new program members
  • Regular check-ins with program faculty directors
  • Provide internal transcripts for advising
Summer engagement experience presentation in Fall semester.

Summer Experience Project:

  • Participation with cohort members and faculty directors in developing an approved project
  • A minimum of 80 hours total engaged with community-based clinic over the 4-6 weeks
  • Committed time exploring and learning more about your community around social determinants of health
  • Attendance at periodic meetings with the academic directors for updates on summer activities
  • Presenting the project in the fall to prospective students and other interested parties
  • Examples of past projects



  • Covenant Scholars who meet the eligibility requirement (sophomores from a rural NC county) will receive an invitation from the Carolina Covenant office to learn more about the program along with an application.
  • For additional information, contact Brian Hogan, or Maribel Borger,


Brian Hogan
Brian Hogan
Maribel Borger
Maribel Borger