The ID fellowship program at UNC offers a broad range of research and clinical opportunities, both local and international, all supported by internationally-recognized faculty.

Three reasons to spend three years at UNC's Infectious Disease Fellowship: 

    1. The program includes more than 26 full-time, attending faculty physicians with an annual $50 million+ in funding from the NIH, CDC and others in diverse research topics such as: clinical infectious disease, immunology, biochemistry and tropical medicine. 
    2. NIH Career "K" Awards have jumpstarted the independent research of four fellows in the past three years: Satish Gopal, MD PhD; Jessica Lin, MD; Natalie Bowman, MD PhD; and Michael Vinikoor, MD
    3. Research programs in sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, China, Viet Nam, South America and the Caribbean with the option to complete continuity clinic in Malawi or South Africa