Charles Chasela, Derek Johnson, Erica Chapin, Mina Hosseinipour

Time and Location

Wednesdays, 4-6 p.m. (unless otherwise notified)
Lecture Hall, Tidziwe Centre, KCH

Target audience

Medical and clinical officers, nurses in clinical research supervisory positions, involved in research activities at UNC Project, data officers involved in data entry, database development, and data supervision at UNC Project, clinicians at Kamuzu Central Hospital interested in improving their research skills. All levels of UNC students based in Malawi for year-long assignments.


Interactive lecture


  1. Introduce basic quantitative research methods
  2. Improve the ability to critically read journal articles and interpret research results
  3. Practice developing a research question and designing a research protocol to address hypotheses
  4. Basic introduction to STATA software


  1. Attend 80% of the lectures (10 classes) and the writing workshop
  2. Submit ONE of the following:

•  An abstract for submission to a scientific meeting
•  A 1 page research schema on a topic of choice
•  A critical review of a journal article


Lecture 1:  Introduction to Epidemiology

•  Small Group:  Develop a hypothesis with group.

Lecture 2:  Study Designs

•  Small Group: Determine best study design for your group’s hypothesis.

Lecture 3:  Database Development and Access

Lecture 4:  Introduction to STATA

•  Small Group:  Create Table 1 of sample dataset A.

Lecture 5:  OR vs RR

•  Small Group:  Create 2×2 tables in STATA from sample dataset A. Calculate OR or RR for sample dataset A.

Lecture 6:  Univariate Statistics

•  Small Group:  Determine sample sizes for your group’s study design and hypothesis. Calculate p-values and CIs for sample data set A.

Lecture 7:  Modeling

•  Small Group:  Article critiquing

Lecture 8:  Validity, Screening, Surveillance

Lecture 9:  Survey Design; Data Cleaning

Lecture 10:  Repeated Measures

•  Small Group:  Interpreting outputs

Lecture 11:  Survival Analysis

•  Small Group:  Interpreting outputs

Lecture 12:  Make-up/Q&A

Writing Workshop – Mina (spring)