UNC Project-Malawi is hiring staff for the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Project. If you are qualified, applications are due by Nov. 16, 2018.

The University of North Carolina (UNC) Project-Malawi, a biomedical research project that works in collaboration with the Malawi Ministry of Health, is inviting applications from suitably qualified individuals to fill positions in the Malaria Vaccine Implementation Project (MVIP). The MVIP will be conducting evaluations to assess the impact of the new vaccine in terms of mortality, safety and the programmatic feasibility of delivering the RTS,S/AS01 (malaria vaccine) when introduced through routine health systems in Malawi. To undertake this major activity, UNC Project-Malawi needs the services of highly skilled personnel at the central office (Lilongwe) and in the districts where the project will be implemented as follows:

1. Hospital Surveillance Manager (1 Post: Lilongwe)

Position Summary
Reporting to the Program Manager, the Hospital Surveillance Manager (HSM) will support, facilitate and coordinate the safety component of the evaluation.

Key Responsibilities
• Coordinates with Project Manager to help ensure that safety evaluation and related activities are performed in accordance with evaluation protocols and WHO policies and procedures.
• Trains health workers involved in the safety component of the evaluation.
• Coordinates data collection as required by the protocol and verifies data quality with Central Data Managers.
• Maintains effective and ongoing communication with consortium members involved in implementing the safety component of the evaluation.
• Represents the Investigator and Project Manager in all meetings associated with the safety component of the evaluation.

Required Qualifications and Experience
• Bachelor of Medicine degree (MBBS or its equivalent); those with Master’s degree in Public Health will have an added advantage.
• Proven experience in clinical evaluation or research management.
• Proven experience in project management.
• Proven experience in managing teams to achieve complex objectives.

2. Central Zone Manager (1 Post: Lilongwe)

Position Summary
Reporting to the Principal Investigator and Project Manager, the Central Zone Manager will support the Principal Investigator in coordinating all aspects of the project, which includes the safety and impact components.

Key Responsibilities
• Coordinates all MVIP research programs across in the Central Region of Malawi (Lilongwe, Ntchisi and Mchinji districts).
• Manages operational activities through weekly and monthly team meetings.
• Develops operational plans for evaluation programs.
• Organizes programs and activities in accordance with the objectives of the project.
• Develops an evaluation method to assess project strengths and identifies areas for improvement.
• Manages a team with a diverse array of talents and responsibilities.
• Ensures objectives are being met in all areas including safety, quality and team member performance.
• Implements and manages changes and interventions to ensure project goals are being achieved.
• Coordinates with stakeholders to ensure clear and transparent communication regarding project activities and decisions on services.
• Produces accurate and timely reporting on program status throughout its life cycle.

Required Qualifications and Experience
• Master’s degree in Public Health.
• Proven experience in project management.
• Knowledge of the Ministry of Health policies, procedures and systems.
• Experience in managing stakeholders, including the donor community.
• Proven experience in managing teams spread across a wide geographical area.

3. District Study Supervisor (2 Posts: Mchinji and Lilongwe/Ntchisi)

Position Summary
Reporting to the MVIP Project Manager, the District Study Supervisor will implement and supervise Household Survey, Mortality Surveillance and Safety Surveillance in the assigned district. The supervisor will be responsible for managing 5-10 staff including nurses and field workers.

Key responsibilities
Among others, the District Study Supervisor shall perform the following duties:
• Implements clinical and field studies in accordance with evaluation protocols.
• Coordinates and supervises project staff.
• Creates and maintains a quality control plan for all evaluation activities.
• Ensures accountability for site activities, specimen tracking, specimen transport, and inventory.
• Coordinates regular trainings for MVIP study staff.
• Coordinates with MVIP Project Leaders and other MVIP study team members.
• Ensures completion of all reporting requirements.
• Ensures appropriate use of electronic and paper-based forms for collection, compilation, analysis and reporting of evaluation data.
• Supports the Data Managers.
• Facilitates strong collaboration and coordinates hospital staff/ management, community and other organizations working in the area.
• Updates the MVIP Project Leaders and study team on the status and operations of the studies.

Required Qualifications and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Community Nursing, Clinical Medicine; those with a Master’s degree in Public Health will have an added advantage.
• Those with diplomas in Clinical Medicine or Nursing, with at least 5 years experience will be considered.
• Research leadership experience in a busy setting.
• Management experience, along with the ability to work in a team environment.
• Good community mobilization and engagement skills.
• Excellent computer and communication skills with good knowledge of Microsoft programs and internet application systems.

4. District Administrative Assistant (2 Posts: Mchinji and Lilongwe/ Ntchisi).

Position summary
Reporting to the District Study Supervisor and the Administration Manager and Finance manager at UNC Project the District Administrative Assistant will be providing financial and administrative support to the Project.

Key responsibilities
Among others, the Administrative Assistant shall perform the following duties:
• Arranges and coordinates office activities.
• Prepares financial and inventory reports.
• Administers cash allowances to project staff in the district.
• Manages inventory and ensures availability of essential study items.
• Assists the District Study Supervisor with office administration and coordinates of field activities.

Required Qualifications and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Accounting or related qualification with 3 years experience in office administration. Those with a diploma in Accounting and Finance and with 5 years experience can be considered.
• Experience in handling petty cash and field disbursements.
• Proven integrity with good track record.
• Able to work with minimal supervision.
• Knowledge of cash management procedures and control.

5. Research Nurse (4 positions: Mchinji and Nthici Hospitals)
Position summary
Reporting to the District Study Supervisor, the Research Nurse will be required to conduct community and health centre-based evaluation activities at health centres in Mchinji and Ntchisi hospitals.

Key responsibilities
Among others, the Research Nurse shall perform the following duties:
• Assesses participant enrollment criteria and conducts informed consent.
• Works with enumerators to collect community-based data using tablets.
• Collects biological samples.
• Documents and maintains accurate records of study participant visits, procedures and health centre-based care.
• Ensures that study procedures and protocols are followed.
• Participates in team work to conduct all aspects of the study.
• Coordinates and works closely with local health center staff and community leaders on study project activities.
• Assists with sample organization, storage, and tracking.
• Writes regular reports.
• Compiles clinical data and enters it into a database.
• Reviews and assesses data collected.
• Collaborates with investigators and statistical consultants.
• Screens and recruits subjects for clinical studies.
• Assists surgical procedures as needed.

Required Qualifications, Experience and Skills
• Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution with 3 years clinical research experience, or
• Certificate in Nursing with more than 5 years experience in clinical research.
• Experience in a busy research setting, especially experience in community engagement and field work.
• Registered with the Nurses Council of Malawi.
• Computer literate with experience in utilizing electronic data capture, Microsoft Word, Excel, and internet application systems.

UNC Project-Malawi offers competitive remuneration commensurate with experience and qualifications as applicable to contract staff at UNC Project-Malawi.

If you suitably qualify and are interested in one of the posts, please send your application to:

The Country Director
UNC Project
Private Bag A-104

Email: administration@unclilongwe.org
To reach him not later than November 16, 2018