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In 2019, The Center for Health Innovation collaborated with the UNC System-Wide Integrated Well-Being Program to offer funding for pilots that promote the well-being of faculty and staff within the UNC Health System with the goal of meeting the fourth arm of the Quadruple Aim: preventing burnout and improving work-life balance.


PI: Carl J Seashore, MD (Pediatrics), Co-PI: Saif Khairat, PhD (CHIP, School of Nursing)

The use of electronic health records (EHR) directly contributes to physician burnout. Additionally, poor EHR design can affect decision making and cause delays in care, medical errors, and unanticipated patient-safety events. By providing individual, tailored training for physicians struggling with EHR usability, this project aims to improve EHR experience and mitigate EHR-related stressors, decreasing EHR burden and improving physician well-being.