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I think it would be a great idea to work 4 day work week in office and one day working from home. This will allow less stress on commuting to work and also allow parents to have a little more time with their children. I personally work better at home due to the peace and quiet that I have verses in office when I little things that pop up during the course of the day.  As a small team we would still be able to communicate via email, mobile, and webcam if needed so we would still be able to correspond.

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The University recognizes that its employees may be searching for ways to achieve better work/life balance, reduce commuting costs or address other issues that affect their ability to work onsite at University facilities or work traditional work schedules. To that end, the University adopted the “Flexible Work Arrangements” policy. This policy covers the three most requested types of flexible work arrangements which are changes to work hours, changes to work schedules, and changes to work locations.  Supervisors/Managers will consider requests for flexible work arrangements but must balance the needs of the department with that of the employees in making their decisions.  If business needs can still be achieved, supervisors/managers are encouraged to approve the requests.  More information on this policy can be found at

If you find you need assistance in discussing a proposed flexible work arrangement with your supervisor/manager, please schedule time to discuss with your department’s HR Representative, who can help you navigate the process.