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I would like to see water bottle filling stations added to many/most of the SOM buildings and healthcare facilities. Many water fountains are not designed for filling cups and reusable bottles. This would better serve employees, students, and visitors that use refillable bottles. It might also encourage more use of refillables, recycling, and better promote hydration with water rather than purchase of sugary drinks found in vending machines and cafes. I would like to see at least one water filling station in each SOM building and the main healthcare facilities (hospitals, family practice, ACC, etc.)

Response (Plan in Progress)

Our committee confirmed that SOM already has plans to put water bottle fillers in our newest buildings (Mary Ellen Jones, the new Medical Education Building about to begin construction). We have received the green light to pursue this IDEA further, and a proposal and timeline is under development pending schedules and funding. Our first water bottle filler was installed in Taylor Hall. Bondurant Hall is scheduled to be next. – March 2020