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Every five years, UNC-Chapel Hill updates a five-year parking plan for the campus – referred to as the parking ordinance. The latest plan was recently approved by the University to take effect Thursday, Aug. 1, 2024.

Faculty and staff who receive parking permits via the UNC School of Medicine and who are impacted by the end of flex permits can explore their options here. These teammates should direct other questions about individual permits to their department’s parking coordinator.

Below, please find takeaways, background information and FAQs about parking on campus.

Key Takeaways

  • Tiers of parking rates have changed to scale with salaries in an effort to reduce parking costs for the University’s lowest paid employees.
  • In general, SOM employees at lower pay scales should expect either a decrease or minimal increase. Those in higher pay scales will see an increase.
  • To simplify parking rates further, there will be one price for gated and non-gated lots as assigned.
  • Flex permits will no longer be issued. Current flex permits will automatically renew as annual permits effective Aug. 1.
  • The University will no longer be providing a waitlist option for those seeking 1-year permits in more proximate lots. The SOM is developing a school-based option that will replace this function this fall, which we expect will help us better allocate more proximate parking on the basis of years of service as it becomes available. More information will be shared when available.
  • Remember: The University enforces penalties for parking violations, ranging from citations, fees, wheels boots and towing. Find detailed penalty information in the latest ordinance (pg. 33-35).
  • University Transportation & Parking actively observes the Dogwood Deck to ensure parking is available for patients/visitors Monday – Friday, between 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • University parking enforcement typically resumes campus wide by 7:30 a.m. daily.


Every five years, UNC-Chapel Hill’s Transportation & Parking team is tasked with reevaluating parking across the University campus. The team considers many factors before proposing changes to the current plan, including campus density, hospital needs for patients and teammates, and more.

UNC Hospitals is consulted on the parking plan and feedback from our leaders is considered as the University team works to meet a variety of needs across the wider campus community.

The latest ordinance was recently approved by the University’s Board of Trustees and takes effect Aug. 1. This article from the University highlights the changes, process and other details.

Parking for Teammates

Teammates should direct other questions about individual permits to their department’s parking coordinator to address concerns, questions or needs for their specific situation.

Rate Changes

Hybrid Employees

  • Flex passes were offered across campus during the COVID-19 pandemic as a temporary measure to meet employee needs across campus. The University has decided to remove that temporary measure effective Aug. 1, 2024.
  • Flex passes will automatically convert to annual permits, effective Aug. 1.
  • SOM employees who currently have flex permits and are scheduled to work on-site will be offered the choice of an “assigned daily”. This option provides current location assignment but requires a daily transaction via a website and unique code; parking is paid as it is used. This selection must be made by July 5. This option can be used for a maximum of 12 days per month. More information on Expiring Flex Permit options here.

Parking for Patients/Visitors

  • As detailed in this article, the University moved away from using manned pay booths at the Dogwood deck in the spring of 2024.
  • Instead, patients now use pay stations to pay for parking via card.
  • Patients who do not have a card to pay for parking should visit the manned booth on Level 2 of the Dogwood deck.
  • Departments who have used coupons in the past are moving to an electronic validation system, as coupons will no longer be used in the new parking year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the new ordinance change my parking location?

A: No, parking locations do not change effective Aug. 1. This includes teammates who had flex permits. If your permit automatically rolls over from flex to annual, your parking location remains the same.

For flex permit holders currently assigned in locations where assigned daily option is not available (FG, S6, S12): if assigned daily is selected, they will be assigned to location closest to current assignment (FG, S6 to Cardinal Deck; S12 to Jackson Deck).


Q: I want to terminate my parking permit (Example: Change from gated to park and ride). How do I do that?

A: Email your department parking coordinator no later than Friday, July 12 to cancel your permit. Employees have the option of cancelling their permit and requesting a park and ride assignment directly with the Transportation and Parking office’s Commuter Alternative Program (CAP).

Requests to department parking coordinators to make changes to/terminate permits received after Friday, July 12 may incur at least one biweekly automatic salary deduction toward an annual permit. Your department parking coordinator can help work with you to rectify that deduction.


Q: Do parking fees depend on zone/location? Currently, gated lot fees are greater than non-gated lots.

In an effort to simplify pricing tiers, the new T&P ordinance no longer makes a distinction in cost between gated and non-gated lots.


Q: Do I receive my electronic “pass” the same way as before?

A: Yes. Your permit is your license plate.


Q: How do I request parking?

A: Email your department parking coordinator for assistance based on availability.


Q: I am a virtual employee who occasionally needs to come on-site for meetings. What are my parking options?

A: Rams Head hourly parking is the most-proximate parking option for employees who rarely need parking assigned.