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SOM Administration & Finance offices are always looking for opportunities to improve our administrative processes and services to better serve the School of Medicine.

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IDEA Project Spotlight

Eliminate Duplication in Training

Posted 5 years ago

UNC and UNC Health require the same trainings. SOM employees have to complete them both on the University system and in LMS (for example, annual TB training ,etc.) It would be more cost effective if we just had to complete this training once and somehow that transferred to the other Response (Plan in Progress) SOM … Read more

Improve Signage (Wayfinding) in SOM Buildings

Posted 5 years ago

Please put up signs at every entrance to every building with the building name. Response (Plan in Progress) Your suggestion is timely – the School of Medicine is currently in development of a plan for updating wayfinding across the SOM. In its early stages, the wayfinding project will evaluate current signage and need for future … Read more

Using Odum Village Space for New Parking Options

Posted 5 years ago

We all know parking is a major concern on campus. The cost is significant but it is really the time spent walking in addition to my commute that is the challenge. I understand having to pay to park at a major academic center, I just want to get something for the cost. I currently park … Read more

Expand Availability of Water Bottle Fillers

Posted 6 years ago

I would like to see water bottle filling stations added to many/most of the SOM buildings and healthcare facilities. Many water fountains are not designed for filling cups and reusable bottles. This would better serve employees, students, and visitors that use refillable bottles. It might also encourage more use of refillables, recycling, and better promote … Read more

4 Day Work Week (Flexible Work Arrangements)

Posted 6 years ago

I think it would be a great idea to work 4 day work week in office and one day working from home. This will allow less stress on commuting to work and also allow parents to have a little more time with their children. I personally work better at home due to the peace and … Read more