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Stephen Kimmel, MS4

These things mean things – at least they should.

I will remember – I think I could?

Armadillos, petting zoo

Leprosy, blood in your poo

Hyperglycemia, fast asleep

Is acidotic, not counting sheep

Broke fifth metacarpal in fist fight

Might drink four beers on most weeknights

Vodka for breakfast, hands that flap

Now out of Vodka with anion gap

Ecstasy while smoking grass

Watch the hot salt or the Pons could crash

Working women, undercooked Prawns

Creamy discharge, 10 trips to John

Canadian concert pianist, with a tan

Wilson can’t get pennies from can

Phenylalanine hydroxylase, that baby is musty!

Norwegian scabies make you feel crusty

TTP, schistocytes

No birth control pills after scintillating lights

Naegleria fowleri likes CN1

Repeats of CAG are no fun

Worse in the light, that’s CN 3

But why the red cell in your pee?

Drunk party goer, shaking hand

Check a sugar, don’t assume, man!

Wine aficionado, sits in church pew

With epigastric calcification and poop P-U!

Mad as hatter, bit by bat

Or HIV, scratched by cat?

Vulvar itching is different than nuts

Ignore as you would visual field cuts

Awake opposite, coma the same

When bored, squirt water at the brain

Why can’t the old man piss or cum?

Did you notice the bottle blonde’s manubrium?

Heavy jacket, non-matching socks or

Crushed mail boxes, draws funny clocks?

Diabetes, CKD

Think MI, the thought is free

Narcissistic, schizotypal, and ADHD,

Cyclothymic, hypomanic, and that’s just me

Puppies, turtles, egg salad sick fast

Yersinia, Salmonella, toxin of Staph

Pigeon droppings, same question thrice

Cryptococcus, hit head on ice

Path thinks Medicine gets too many tests

Only ENT surgeons should violate necks

Silver stain positive or spiral CT,

One slow one fast cause of SOB

Hypercalcemia; high action potential but short QT

Immobilized astronauts should avoid sweet tea.

Is it cancer? Radishes? Butt to bone?

Licorice fiend now hyperaldosterone

Have you been in a sand storm? Do you sleep with a kitten?

Is your left knee warm? Do you knit wool mittens?

Decline in function, front of brain

How many animals can you name?

Age, previous history, cytokines, NO-,

Things to say when you don’t know

Why do calcium and phosphorus go different ways?

The explanation lasts for days!

Morning headache, thoughts absurd

Pencil thin stool, losing words

These things mean things or at least they should.

I wish I remembered for what they stood.