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Caleb Pearce, MS2

You sit across from me with your brushed on eye shadow and mascara

Black gloss that makes your beautiful brown eyes more distinguished

Some would think brown isn’t a color worth mentioning




Probably a color that elicits no excitement

Nor exists on anybody’s list of favorite pigments

But I, I see different.

When I see brown I am placed in a scene in 10th grade English

Your brown hair cut at your shoulders and as you concentrated on the readings

The silk waterfall diverges my attention from Jekyll and Hyde

To wondering what I would have to do to

Produce an inelastic collision of destinies.

Brown is never boring.

I think about

The transformation of your skin as spring approaches summer.

While tan-lines reveal the interface of winters transgressions and summer’s predilections,

The little brown speckles of previous year’s ultraviolet remnants

Like tattooed on your cheeks and shoulders.

Complimenting the beauty marks passed down from your mother

Brown is never boring.

Brown were the eyes that peered within my soul and saw the potential

That carried me through torrential rain and reassured me in times of overwhelming despair

those eyes have wept tears of joy and sorrow

They have seen the sunrise in Mexico and it set in a hospital waiting room

No matter what the situation or location

those eyes have always been present

Brown is never boring.

Brown is funny, loving,


Brown is sophistication and devoted

Brown is not worried about tomorrow because

Beside me


All the greys in life are masked by the

Distinguishing brown eyes sitting across from me.