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by Minali Nigam, MS2

I wonder if the sun and moon could ever be the same

Rising and falling as a single entity

Luminescent, cyclically bound, undivided.

The laws of physics say otherwise

Earth’s rotation permitting only

One phase in one place

A high tide lurking underneath a dark sky

A shadow cast when the rays descend light.

Day and night, black and white, peace and fight

A dichotomy of senses

A postulation with no middle ground

The assumption that opposition captures entirety

Seems mundanely confined to be sound.

Then triumph cannot come without loss

Awakening of parenthood without waning of breath

Healing and hurting

Courage and fear

Resistant, simultaneous contradiction.

An epiphany of time

No sense of permanence, an obscure transience

Footprints in the sand washed away at second glance

Passing the torch, greatness is fickle

Knowledge gained through relativity.

There is unexplored terrestrial space

An interstellar of all fates

Accepting a spectrum of thought

Never forgetting what is lost.

I wonder when the sun and moon will be the same

When heart will be core, when cohesiveness will be mantle

Crusted with visions of transcendence

Into another existence, united in flight.