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by Nisitha Sengottuvel, Hem/Onc MD/PhD Year 1

Manjula had just began

her fourth year of life,

When her Pa orphaned her

To be with his new wife.

She found shelter on the ground

and food on the street

but she began falling ill

and saw blood by her feet.

The childhood fairness

of her Nepali skin

vanished slowly

as yellowness set in.

Her heart sped up

as if in a race

paleness set in, color

gone from her face.

She grew tired and sleepy–

became all around weak.

Her eyes felt heavy,

pained even to take a peek.

All the while

rain poured down,

over this child,

and her home town.

Breathing became harder

as her body destroyed her blood.

Still the rain didn’t stop

and the streets began to flood.

Manjula’s organs

began losing air,

reminding us all

that life isn’t fair

After seven days,

when storms had cleared

What was left of Manjula

had disappeared.