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by Genevieve Anakwe-Charles, 3rd year Pharmacy student

I listened to mellowing sounds,

While sitting in my overgrown backyard,

In that uncanny moment when somber thoughts

Wake the past from its shadowy grave.

With graceful balance indeed

Has Nature sashayed around me;

And washed my heavy heart

with her pure waters.

Through the doorway of the tall grass,

A Squirrel emerges then disappears again,

And the calm wind gently stroked

the tree branches with care.

The birds hopped and sang,

Their songs so soulful and sweet;

A Robin flew towards me and stopped,

Regarding me with a knowing curiosity.

The wind suddenly started howling,

And the branches cringed with fear,

Then an overwhelming silence walked in

with Melancholy on its arm.

A brooding sadness soon gripped my heart,

Pounded, tugged and broke it into submission.

Leaving an aching hollow,

That even She- O! mighty Nature can’t fill.

But rather She mocked me even as She took

my breath away,

And I wondered…O! such is this life?