IRB 10-0851

If you are interested in participating in this study,
contact our research coordinator using the contact information shown below.

Study Number:

IRB 10-0851

Principal Investigator:

Michelle Hernandez, MD


Peanut allergy is common, increasing and can result in serious reactions on accidental exposure to peanut. Peanut allergy is identified by skin prick testing with standard peanut extract. The purpose of this Phase 1 research study is to see if extract from enzyme treated peanuts that have either un-detectable or very low levels of major allergenic proteins will cause similar local reaction on skin prick testing. Phase 1 research studies like this one are not intended to be a treatment, but are a scientific investigation. A total of 20 people will participate in this study.


(919) 962-4247 or email


  • You must be between 18 and 65

  • You must be allergic to peanut

Time Commitment:

1 visit lasting about 2 hours


Volunteers completing all study procedures will be compensated  up to $75.00


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