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Can I include patient Protected Health Information (PHI) in my UNC Panopto recordings?

When will migration be complete?
We hope to be fully migrated by mid-May. We will update our website when we have more specific timeframes. 

What will happen to my recordings in SOM Panopto?
We will migrate recordings from the last two academic years (July 2019-May 2021). Older recordings will be deletethe week of April 5. All other recordings will be deleted once migration is complete.

Will I need to send new links to all my recordings?
No. All links will be redirected to the migrated recordings in UNC Panopto.  

How long will my recordings be available for viewing in UNC Panopto?
Similar to our School of Medicine (SOM) Panopto, UNC Panopto recordings are retained for two years. 

Will my recordings from last year be deleted from UNC Panopto before two years?
No. All migrated recordings will have a fresh two-year clock. 

Can I still request pre-scheduled recordings?
Yes. You can still use our Request a Scheduled Recording button on our Lecture Capture home page to request pre-scheduled recordings. We will create a folder within our School of Medicine Department in UNC Panopto and add you as a Creator so you can manage your content.

Can I use UNC Panopto prior to migration?
Yes. UNC Panopto is available to anyone at UNC. If you log into UNC Panopto, an account will automatically be created for you. Also, if you have a UNC non-HIPAA Zoom account and record to the cloud, an account will be created for you and your cloud Zoom recording will copy into UNC Panopto.

Will my Zoom recordings copy into UNC Panopto?
Yes, but only if you are using the non-HIPAA UNC Zoom account and recording to the cloud. Your cloud recording will process in the Zoom cloud, then copy into UNC Panopto. You can also upload Zoom and other recordings, as long as they do not include patient Protected Health Information (PHI).

How can I opt out of my Zoom HIPAA-Enabled account?
For information on how to opt out of your HIPAA-Enabled Zoom account, please visit our SOM Zoom Support page.

How can I get more information about UNC Panopto and Zoom/Sakai integration?
Please visit the UNC Panopto website for more information.