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Webex App Update – Nov. 18, 2022

On November 18th, SOM Webex users will begin to see a prompt to update their “Cisco Webex Meetings” app to the new “Webex” app:

Screenshot of Cisco Webex Meetings app page

We recommend that SOM Webex users upgrade to the new Webex app on their devices and discontinue use of the old “Cisco Webex Meetings” app. The new Webex app will also be available for download at Software Center on SOM managed computers. The “Cisco Webex Meetings” app will be uninstalled from all SOM managed in early 2023.

Sign Up for Webex

School of Medicine Webex

All School of Medicine affiliates are eligible for a School of Medicine Webex account. The Webex registration is automated and will automatically reject users who are not assigned to a School of Medicine department.

To request an account:

  1. Go to the Webex User Account Request.
  2. Verify your directory information is entered at the top of the form. If any of this is incorrect, you may want to update your information through Connect Carolina Self Service.
  3. Take note of your account e-mail address that shows up in the yellow box. Logging into SOM Webex uses an e-mail address in the format
  4. Please review the Webex User Agreement and PHI Conferencing Policy, and select the checkboxes on the request form to attest that you have.
  5. Submit your Webex Account Request.

After submitting, the request should either be successful or will be rejected:

  • If you receive confirmation that your request has gone through, your account will be activated within one hour. At that point, you should be able to login to the School of Medicine Webex portal. Note that your e-mail address will be in the format
  • If your request does not go through, and you are primarily employed by UNC Health, we recommend signing up for a UNC Health Webex Account (see next section)
  • If your request does not go through, and you are not directly employed by or a student in the School of Medicine, but you are working with the School of Medicine, a sponsor in your department must reach out to their HR Service Center to have you setup as an affiliate of that department (e.g. interns, contractors, groups outside of SOM working directly on SOM projects)
  • If your request does not go through, and none of the above apply, you are ineligible for a SOM Webex account.

UNC Health Webex

Users primarily employed by UNC Health may not be setup properly to get a School of Medicine Webex account. They may sign up for a UNC Health Webex account through the Access Request Center in MyApps.

If you have a UNC Health Webex account (accessed at and need access to Webex Teams, please follow these instructions.

Support for the UNC Health Webex is available at MySupport or by calling the ISD Help Desk at 984-974-4357.

Virtual Patient Care

Virtual Care Operations should be performed under the guidance of UNC Health. Please refer to the VCC intranet site for updates and resources.

While UNC School of Medicine Webex accounts and UNC Zoom HIPAA sub-accounts (with limited features) are approved for the transmission of Electronic Patient Protected Health Information (PHI), all relevant guidelines and procedures need to be followed in these instances.

Security Recommendations

Webex has provided several recommendations for using the service to host secure meetings. Visit this webpage for more information.

Users should review the School of Medicine IT PHI Conferencing Policy for guidance on more general practices for having web conferences with ePHI.

Downloading of recordings are disabled in the School of Medicine Webex, but users may record to the cloud to be provided with a secure link to stream meeting recordings.