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The deadline for the initial bulk account move has passed. Please follow the directions below for making an individual request to opt out of a HIPAA-enabled account.

Opting Out of HIPAA-Enabled Account

In some limited cases, users may opt out of the School of Medicine HIPAA-enabled account. The primary cases for this are:

  • School of Medicine instructors that do not utilize ePHI in their materials, and require the cloud recording or attendance features as part of their distance learning strategy
  • Users who are primarily assigned to School of Medicine departments, but have work obligations in other UNC schools such that they need to be part of that school’s Zoom tenant for access to specific resources

In both cases, if opting out, the user would no longer be allowed to transmit ePHI with their Zoom Account. The account would also no longer be managed by the School of Medicine IT at this point, and while most support could still be provided, support for features not provided on the School of Medicine instance may be forwarded to their new account’s support group.

To opt out of the HIPAA-enabled account:

  1. Go to the SOM Academic Technology support request (Onyen/Password required).
  2. Once logged in, set the “How can we help you?” field to “Report a Video Conferencing Issue“.
  3. In the “Additional Information” field, write that you would like to be excluded from the HIPAA-enabled account. If you expect to be moved into a specific UNC school’s instance, please include this information also so that we may coordinate with that school. Please also include the reason that you wish to be excluded from the HIPAA-enabled account.
  4. Click the blue Request button (at right side of screen).
  5. A staff member will follow up with you if any clarification is needed.
  6. Once the move is approved, you will be excluded from the HIPAA-enabled instance, and provided with a memorandum clarifying that you may not transmit ePHI with your Zoom Account going forward.