The IVB program is aimed to increase the graduate students’ freedom to collaborate across the boundary of scientific disciplines. The selected IVB trainees will remain as students in their individual parental Graduate Programs and conduct research under a thesis advisor with a strong commitment to pre-doctoral training through vascular biology related research at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism levels ranging from animal models to human patients. At some time during the thesis work, each trainee is expected to be involved in collaboration with others in different disciplines from his or her thesis advisor: for example by picking an IVB faculty member as a Secondary (complementary) mentor and spending a substantial time in his or her laboratory for a collaborative study. Trainees will be required to participate in an IVB Discussion Group Meeting (once in every two weeks), Vascular Biology Seminars, and an IVB/CCBC Research Symposium (during Spring Semester), and must actively help make the program successful.