What to include in your application:

  1. A current CV that includes your undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, and grades from all graduate school courses (at UNC or elsewhere). Also, please indicate if you are an under-represented minority.
  2. A brief description of your research accomplishments (no longer than one page).
  3. A summary of your interest in vascular biology that includes your current or potential thesis research plan (no longer than 2 pages)
  4. A letter from your thesis advisor describing how the IVB program will benefit your training that also includes a statement affirming their willingness to participate in IVB training activities.

Send your application via e-mail to:

Ms. Tracy L. Riley
Contracts & Grants Facilitator
UNC McAllister Heart Institute
2341 MBRB, CB #7126
Phone: (919) 843-2293
Email: triley@med.unc.edu


Christopher Mack, PhD
Director of the IVB Training Program
Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UNC-CH, NC 27599-7525
(919) 843-5512


  1. Please discuss your interest in joining the IVB program with your thesis advisor before contacting Dr. Mack.
  2. The IVB program may accept some students who are supported by individual fellowship (AHA, NSF and NIH) but these students cannot be funded by the program.
  3. IVB participants will have the opportunity to earn credits toward UNC’s Certificate Program in Cardiovascular Science. Please contact Dr. Mack if interested in this academic program.