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Article I: Name

The name of this society shall be the John B. Graham Student Research Society.

Article II: Objectives

The objectives of the society shall be as follows:

  • To recognize outstanding student achievement in the area of medical research
  • To create and promote student interest in clinical, basic science, public health, and other areas of research pertaining to the field of medicine
  • To coordinate opportunities for students to present their research to faculty, staff, and students

Article III: Membership

Induction into and membership in the society is obtained by:

  • Presenting a poster or slide presentation which describes the student’s original research at Student Research Day

Article IV: Officers to be Selected

The selected officers of the society shall be:

  1. Co-Presidents (2)
  2. Co-Vice-presidents of Student Research Day (2)
  3. Co-Vice-president of Research Opportunities (2)
  4. Secretary/Treasurer (1)
  5. Class representatives (3)
  6. First-year class liaison (1)

Officers’ responsibilities, qualifications, and the methods of election shall be set forth in the by-laws.


Article V: Responsibilities of Selected Officers and Positions

The duties of the officers shall be:

  • Co-Presidents:
    • to call and preside over all meetings
    • to be present in Chapel Hill during the week of Student Research Day
    • to oversee the organization of Student Research Day and to work with School of Medicine administrators to this end
    • to perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require
    • to conduct the application process for and participate in new officer selection for the upcoming year
    • to act as the official spokespersons for the John B. Graham Student Research Society
    • to appoint an acting officer to fill a vacant elected office until such time that new officer applications can be held to fill the vacant office
    • to recruit and communicate with faculty judges for SRD
  • Co-Vice-Presidents of Student Research Day
    • to oversee the responsibilities designated to the John B. Graham Student Research Society for Student Research Day
    • to carry out the duties of the Co-Presidents if the Co-Presidents are out of town or otherwise unable to perform the duties of their office
    • to be present during the day of Student Research Day
  • Co-Vice-Presidents of Research Opportunities
    • to oversee committees and/or projects designed to promote research awareness
    • to investigate opportunities for student research and facilitate delivery of this information to the medical school classes
    • to oversee the medical student travel grant application and selection process with the understanding that Co-VP’s of Research Opportunities are not elegible to apply for medical student travel grants
    • to be present during the day of Student Research Day
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    • to take minutes at each meeting and email them to all officers and Student Affairs Liason
    • to maintain the JBGRS website
    • to be or become a UNC-certified treasurer
    • to pursue areas for possible funding/grants for JBGRS projects
    • to be present during the day of Student Research Day
  • Class representatives and first-year class liaison
    • to represent the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year medical school classes as members of the executive committee
    • to convey information to the class represented regarding student research at UNC School of Medicine and to recruit student participants in Student Research Day
    • to accomplish the above duty via distribution of flyers, information emails, forum postings, and/or other means of mass communication
    • to be present during the day of Student Research Day

Article VI: New Officer Selection

  • New officer selection shall be called and conducted by the Co-Presidents and held by the last week in April.  The term for each selected position shall be from May 1 of the selection year until officer selection of the following year.
  • Applications will be submitted by eligible JBG members and voted on in the meeting called for new officer selection.
  • Any JBG member in good standing both within the SOM and JBG, may apply for an officer position for the upcoming year.
  • The outgoing officers may apply for any position for the upcoming year.
  • The three class representatives shall be chosen from the applicants with the restriction that at each representative be a rising member of the class they will represent.
  • The first-year liaison may be a rising member of any SOM class.
  • The new officer selection committee shall be comprised of: the outgoing co-presidents, the Dean of Student Affairs, the Events Coordinator for Medical Education (currently Suzanne Marchionini), the JBG Faculty Advisor, the Operations Manager for the SOM, and the Senior Operations Manager for the School of Medicine.
  • A majority “yes” vote (50% + 1 vote) of the selection committee shall be necessary to select a new officer for a position.
  • New officers shall be announced within 1 (one) week of selection by the selection committee and shall assume new duties immediately.

Article VII: Changes and Ammendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

  • Changes to this document must be submitted to the current officers for approval.
  • A  majority “yes” vote (50% + 1 vote) by all current officers is necessary to validate and impart the submitted changes.