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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Cystic Fibrosis and Pulmonary Diseases Research and Treatment Center is dedicated to providing superb patient care with up-to-date treatments while devoting every effort to clinical and academic research for discovering and implementing new treatment breakthroughs.

Adult and pediatric CF patients are cared for in separate, multidisciplinary CF clinics by doctors who are leading the search for new treatments of this disease. These doctors are supported by physical therapists, nutritionists, respiratory therapists, nurses, social workers, and psychologists with special expertise in CF. If you are interested in learning more about the adult CF clinic, or wish to make an appointment, please call the clinic at: (919) 966-6838, or email Nicole Bingham, RN, BSN . For inquiries into the pediatric CF clinic please visit their web page, or call (919) 966-1055.

Clinical Studies

Click here to learn about clinical studies being carried out in our division.

Patient Assistance Resources for TOBI and Pulmozyme

  • CF Foundation Compass

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Compass is a personalized service to help you with the insurance, financial, legal and other issues you are facing.

  • Patient Access Network Foundation

Provides co-pay assistance for TOBI and Pulmozyme for those who are legal US residents, insured, and the insurance must cover the medication for which you seek assistance, medication must fight the disease directly, and income must fall 400% below the federal poverty level. You can apply online at and click on “How To Apply,” or call (866) 316-7263. Maximum amount of assistance per year is $5000.

  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc., TOBI Care program

Provides co-pay assistance for TOBI. Pay only $10 co-pay for TOBI and receive up to $700 co-pay assistance per month and a total of $4000 in a one-year time period. Those with Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Tricare are not eligible for this program. Call (877) 999-8624 to enroll in this program. Novartis also provides financial assistance for those that are uninsured and having difficulty obtaining TOBI. To be eligible, you must be a US resident, have no public (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare) or private prescription drug coverage, and meet income eligibility criteria. To apply, call (800) 277-2254 or visit

  • Genetech Pharmaceuticals Inc., Pulmozyme Access Solutions Co-pay Card Program

Provides co-pay assistance for Pulmozyme for those patients with commercial insurance with a co-pay or co-insurance for Pulmozyme over $30 per month. You may receive financial assistance to supplement the out-of-pocket expense for your Pulmozyme for a maximum of $4000 over a 12 month period. Those with Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Tricare do not qualify for this program. Please visit for more information or call (877) 794-8723 or (800) 690-3023.

  • Patient Services Incorporated

Provides co-pay assistance for obtaining TOBI for those that meet criteria. Please visit for more information and to complete an application. You can also call (800) 366-7741.


Scholarships and Grants

  • Boomer Esaison

Please visit to learn about various college scholarships, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. Other information and resources are available on this website as well.

  • BEF Lung Transplant Grant Program

This grant provides assistance for those experiencing financial stress related to relocation for lung transplantation and to cover costs not covered by insurance. Please visit to learn more about this grant and to apply. You can also call (646) 292-7937 to learn more about this grant.

  • Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation (CFLF)

This is a recreational grant for adolescents and young adults to encourage physical activity. You can receive up to $500 to be used in a one year time period. You can also choose to have a companion or recreation mentor to be included in your activities. You would then be awarded up to $1000 to use in a 1 year time period. Please visit to learn more and/or to complete an application. You can also call (802) 310-5983 for more information.


Food Resources

  • North Carolina Food and Nutrition Services

Food and Nutrition Services is a federal food assistance program. This program helps eligible low-income households buy groceries. Monthly allotments are issued through the Electronic Benefit Transfer Cards (EBT cards). Currently, you can use NC ePASS to screen for your potential eligibility and to apply for the following programs:

Please visit for more information or contact your local Department of Social Services and ask to speak with a food stamp worker.

There are more resources available that are county specific. Please discuss with your CF Center social worker or dietician for more information.

Additional information can be found on the Adult CF Center’s Nutrition page.

Mail Order Pharmacies

  • The CF Pharmacy

The CF pharmacy is part of the national Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Medications may be ordered and shipped directly to your home. The website provides a list of all their products and prices. This pharmacy will also provide you with patient assistance resources, patient advocacy, and reimbursement support. At this time, the CF pharmacy does not accept NC Medicaid. Please visit or call (800) 541-4959 for more information or to register.

  • Pharmaceutical Specialities, Inc.

A compounding pharmacy located in Northeast Georgia and serving much of the southeast. This pharmacy is a supplier of the e-flow nebulizer as well. If you receive certain medications through this pharmacy, you may be eligible for free SourceCF multivitamins.


Pancreatic Enzymes

  • Abbott (formerly Solvay Pharmceuticals)

Solvay Cares offers a co-pay assistance up to $50 a month for the first 12 months with the purchase of Creon. Under this same program, you may also be eligible for free multivitamins and a nutritional supplement. Those with Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Tricare are not eligible for this program. Please visit for more information.

  • EURAND-Z-Points Program

For each prescription for a month supply of Zenpep, you can earn points towards products and equipment (i.e., vitamins, nebulizers, nutritional supplements, etc.). You may also be eligible for the Zenpep rebate coupon which provides co-pay assistance for up to $50 off a prescription of Zenpep. For more information, please visit

Additional Patient Assistance Resources for Various Medications


Legal Information

  • CF Legal Information Hotline

Administered by Beth Sufian (an attorney and adult with CF), this toll-free hotline provides free information about the laws that protect the rights of individuals with CF. Patients, families, and healthcare providers can receive information in many different areas including: Health insurance, social security disability, Medicare/Medicaid, employment issues, etc. Please visit for more information or call (800) 622-0385.

  • The Women’s Center

Provides an array of services to residents of North Carolina, including legal and financial services. For legal questions, you can receive a free 15 minute phone appointment with an attorney and/or a free 30 minute in-person appointment with a UNC law student. Please visit to find out more about all the other great services they provide. You can also call (919) 968-4610 for more information.

Tax Information

Please remember that the IRS allows you to count medical expenses (7.5% of your adjusted gross income on your itemized tax deductions). You can visit for additional information regarding medical expenses and tax deductions. Speak with the person who prepares your taxes if you have specific questions or need additional help. For more information please see the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Contact Information

Adult Clinic: (919) 966-6838
Pediatric Clinic: (919) 966-1055
Email: Nicole Bingham, RN, BSN