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What Does Our Quality Improvement Initiative Mean to You?

The Cystic Fibrosis Quality Improvement teams have been involved in many national QI collaboratives sponsored by the CF Foundation, both as participants and as QI coaches and faculty. Our current Adult CF QI team here at UNC continues to seek and receive input from patients and CF caregivers. The team members translate this feedback into new ways of delivering care, with the goal of prolonging and improving the lives of our patients. Recent and upcoming projects have focused on:

  • Virtual Patient Support Groups/Mental Health,
  • Food Insecurity,
  • Meeting CF Care Guidelines,
  • New Clinic Personal Assessments, and
  • C.F. RISE

We Need You!

The CF Quality Improvement team at UNC is eager to hear your input and ideas. If you as a patient or family member have any feedback or suggestions – no matter how small – please do not hesitate to contact us at