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Antibody Panels

New to mass cytometry?
For members of UNC LCCC who are interested in trying this technology, we offer limited access to pre-titrated, antibody panels for human and mouse markers. Contact our staff for details.

Protocols for Live Cell Staining

Data Analysis Options

The UNC Mass Cytometry Core utilizes Cytobank Enterprise to upload data files and share with users. Cytobank is a cloud-based platform that offers analysis of high-dimensional single-cell data. The platform provides access to analytical tools such as SPADE, FlowSOM and CITRUS as well as visualization tools like Sunburst and viSNE. To learn more, visit Cytobank’s training videos, webinars and tutorials.

Astrolabe Diagnostics offers cloud-based bioinformatic analysis of mass cytometry data sets. The platform performs unsupervised data cleaning, debarcoding, clustering, cell subset identification (based on canonical markers), statistical analysis and data visualization. To learn more, visit Astrolabe’s tutorials and YouTube channelEnquire to learn about the core’s price competitive access to Astrolabe’s services.