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How to begin, access and scheduling:

Robust mass cytometry results begin with a strong experimental design. Work with our experts early in the design process to discuss your goals. We can help you build strong experiments by suggesting options such as internal spiked controls and barcoding to control and monitor batch effects.

These are important considerations whether you use a pre-titered kit or would like to build a unique custom panel based on the biology of your system.

Interested in a custom panel? Our experts can help with pairing metals and antibodies to minimize metal crosstalk and maximize sensitivity.

Contact the core director for scheduling.

Experimental planning includes discussion and implementation of best-practice protocols for sample preparation and experimental design to account for normalization, titrations, and quality control.

An initial step for mass cytometry experiments is proper pairing of metals to antibodies based upon such factors as antigen abundance, metal oxide formation, and spill-over from both small amounts of metal impurities and plus and minus one effects. These effects can be mostly overcome with proper panel design. The core offers this service using expertise and specialized software.

In order to assure that the proper reagents are utilized, if requested by the researcher, the core facility will order antibodies and reagents with pass-through costs.

Single cell data are acquired on the Helios mass cytometer (Fluidigm) at an hourly charge. In addition to sample acquisition, the charge includes time for instrument start-up, tuning, quality control, background determination and shutdown.
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