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Cristen Page, MD, MPH
Executive Dean, UNC School of Medicine

Tiffani Cain, Senior Executive Coordinator
to Cristen Page, MD, MPH and Karlina Matthews, MBA
Campus Box 7000, 4068 Bondurant Hall

Kurt Gilliland, PhD.
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Cell Biology and Physiology
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Evaluation, School of Medicine
224 Taylor Hall

Kimberley Nichols, MD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
1066 Bondurant Hall

Taylor Harbin, Executive Assistant
to Kimberley Nichols, MD and Alice Chuang, MD, MEd
1001 Bondurant Hall, CB 9535

Assistant Dean for Preclinical Curriculum

Kathleen Barnhouse, MD

Foundation Phase Co-Directors

Tommy Koonce, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Family Medicine

Marcia Hobbs, PhD
Research Professor
Department of Medicine

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Foundation Phase


Foundation Phase Educational Technology Support

Elijah Umrani

Patient Centered Care Course Directors

Catherine Coe, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Family Medicine

Tommy Koonce, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Family Medicine

Patient Centered Care Course Coordinators

Aaron Prestrud

Angela Barra

Social and Health Systems Course

Raul Necochea, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Social Medicine
Social and Health Systems 1&2

Barry Saunders, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Social Medicine
Social and Health Systems 3

SHS Course Coordinator: Kathy Crosier

Medical Science Course Directors

Kathleen Barnhouse, MD
Associate Professor
Family Medicine

Edward Kernick, D.P.M.
Associate Professor
Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
442 Isaac Taylor Hall

Medical Science Course Coordinators

Erin Wilson

Charity Freeman

Medical Science Block Directors

Principles of Medicine:

Edward Kernick, D.P.M.
Emily Moorefield, Ph.D


Tom Belhorn, MD
Frank Church, Ph.D


Alice Ma, MD
Frank Church, Ph.D


Lisa Rose-Jones, MD, FACC
Jon Homeister, MD/PhD


Jenny Maguire, MD
Scott Randell, Ph.D


Koyal Jain, MD
Emily Moorefield, Ph.D


Daniel Kroch, MD
Emily Moorefield, Ph.D


Bob Esther, MD
Ed Kernick, D.P.M.
Chris Sayed, MD

Human Behavior in Health and Disease:

Kenan Penaskovic, MD
Lindsey Kennedy, PharmD


Ana Felix, MBChB
Marianne Meeker, Ph.D


Morgan Jones, MD
Marianne Meeker, Ph.D


Jen Howell, MD
Carol Otey, Ph.D

Multi-Organ Synthesis:

Beth Jonas, MD FACR
Kurt Gilliland, Ph.D

Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum

Catherine Coe, MD

Application Phase Director

Amy Shaheen, MD, MsC
Professor of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
5014 Old Clinic Building, CB 7110

Assistant Director of Curricular Affairs, Application Phase

Alice Stone

Application Phase Support

Andrea Corona

Karlie Briggs

Care of Specific Populations Course Directors

Care of Hospitalized Children, Rick Hobbs, MD

Maternity and Newborn Care, Amy Bryant, MD, MSCR

Care of Patients with Mental Illness, Erin Malloy, MD

Hospital, Interventional, and Surgical Care Course Directors

Adult Inpatient, Christopher Klipstein, MD and Kathy Barnhouse, MD

General Surgery, Luigi Pascarella. MD

Community Based Longitudinal Care Course (CBLC)

Kelly Bossenbroek Fedoriw, MD and Karina Whelan, MD

Intensive Integration Course (II)

Population Health, Amy Denham, MD

Medical Sciences, Sean McLean, MD

Communication and Professionalism, Amy Weil, MD

NBME Examinations Coordinator
Gina Horne 919-966-0589

Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum

Catherine Coe, MD

Individualization Phase Directors

Ana C G Felix, MBBCh
Assistant Professor
Physician’s Office Building G 176 CB#7025

Peadar Noone, MD
4124 Bioinformatics

Assistant Director of Curricular Affairs, Individualization Phase
Mindy McKinney

Individualization Phase Support

Courtney Garcia

Course Directors

Acting Internship, Lindsay Wilson, MD

Emergency and Critical Care, Sofia Aliaga, MD

Advanced Practice Selective (SHS5), Yee Lam, MD

Science of Medicine Selective, Christine Kistler, MD and Camille Ehre, MD

Advanced Clinical Selectives I and II, Kathy Barnhouse, MD

Transition to Residency, Peadar Noone, MD and Meg Kihlstrom, MD

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Julie Messina

Electives, Tracy DeSelm, MD

Anatomy: Ed Kernick, D.P.M.

Behavioral Science: Gary Gala, MD

Biochemistry: Steve Crews, Ph.D

Cell Biology/Histology: Kurt Gilliland, Ph.D

Clinical Epidemiology: Seth Crockett, MD, MPH

Genetics: Bradford Powell, MD, Ph.D

Geriatrics: Ellen Roberts, Ph.D, MPH

Humanities and Social Sciences: Barry Saunders, MD, Ph.D

Microbiology: Marcia Hobbs, Ph.D

Nutrition: Steve Hursting, Ph.D, MPH, Alice Ammerman, DrPH

Pathology: Jonathan Homeister, MD

Pharmacology: Jim Fiordalisi, Ph.D

Physiology: Scott Randell, Ph.D

Radiology: Sheryl Jordan, MD, RCC

Sexual and Gender Minority: Emily Vander Schaaf, MD

TEC 1 Thread Director, Carol Otey, Ph.D

TEC 2 Thread Director, Cristin Colford, MD

TEC 3 Thread Director, Amy Shaheen, MD, MPH

Professional Development Thread Director, Sue Estroff, MD

Alice Chuang, MD, MEd
Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Taylor Harbin
Executive Assistant to Alice Chuang & Kimberley Nichols
1001 Bondurant Hall

Valerie Glassman, Ed.D.
Senior Director of Student Affairs

Jennifer Burkhart

Stephanie Forsyth
Assistant Registrar

Lucas Ramsey
Assistant Registrar for Application Phase and VSAS Coordinator

Madeline Parrish
Assistant Registrar of Records and Credentialing

Shelia Graham McDonald
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Denitra Price
Financial Aid Counselor

Cathy Gordon
Financial Aid Advisor

Debbie Williams
Financial Aid Accountant

Bernice Mayo
Health and Safety Coordinator, ERAS Coordinator, and EPIC Coordinator

Sandy Williams
Assistant Director of Larry Keith Advisory Colleges

Maureen Rosen
Staff Writer

Isaiah Mckeithan
Administrative Support Associate

Director of Academic Assistance

Ebony Alston
Office of Academic Excellence Coordinator
(919) 962-8207

Scarlett Parnell
Event Planner

Mary Hauser
Senior Director of Curricular Affairs

Anna Brown
Accreditation Project Manager

Foundation Phase

Kathleen Barnhouse, MD
Assistant Dean for Preclinical Curriculum

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs – Foundation Phase

Elijah Umrani
Foundation Phase Educational Technology Support

Charity Freeman
Medical Sciences Course Coordinator

Erin Wilson
Medical Sciences Course Coordinator

Angela Barra
Patient Centered Care Coordinator

Aaron Prestrud
Patient Centered Care Coordinator

Gina Horne
Student Services Specialist/NBME Testing Coordinator

Application Phase

Catherine Coe, MD
Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum

Alice Stone
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs – Application Phase

Andrea Corona
Application Phase Support

Karlie Briggs
Application Phase Support

Individualization Phase

Catherine Coe, MD
Assistant Dean of Clinical Curriculum

Mindy McKinney
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs – Individualization Phase

Courtney Garcia
Individualization Phase Support


Gina Horne
Student Services Specialist/NBME Testing Coordinator

Kaitlin Smith
Assessment Specialist & Assistant NBME Chief Proctor

Hayley Applegate
FIRST Program Coordinator

Cortilya Jones
OME Accountant

Sandra Melton
Accounting Technician

Vickie Cecil
Administrative Support

Shannon Isley
HR Consultant

Associate Director, Assistant Dean, Interim Program Director: Sandy Whitlock, MD 828-989-7206

Assistant Director: Kristin Chally, MD 828-771-3468

Campus Advisor: Michelle Boose, MD

Administrative Director: Jessica Poston 828-771-3468

Program Administrator, Lisa Keiber 828-255-5856

Curriculum Specialist: Karen Vernon 828-407-2416

Operations Coordinator: Christian Thompson 828-348-3599

CEO MAHEC: William Hathaway, MD 828-257-4405

Course Directors

Cardiology: Rhoda Brosnan MD

Ethics: Kathy Meacham, PhD and Ira Sloan, MD

Emergency Medicine: Sumner Mitchell MD

Family Medicine: Ginger Poulton, MD

Internal Medicine: Taylor Fie, MD

OB/Gyn: Rongrong Fan, MD

Pediatrics: Chelsea Ragland MD

Psychiatry: Sarah Wells, MD

Surgery: Elaine Chain, MD

Regional Campus Director: Dr. Mark Higdon

Associate Regional Campus Director: Dr. Kelley Lawrence

Director, Curricular & Student Affairs: Celeste Colcord, MBA or (704) 661-6847

UNC SOM Campus & Curricular Liaison: DR. Amy Bryant

Regional Campus Director: 

Regional Campus Administrator/Director of Student Affairs: Meredith Hughes, MEd

Student Placement Program Coordinator: Tiffany Conway, BA

CBLC Co-Site Director: Hayley Afanador

CBLC Site Coordinator: Tiffany Conway

CSP Site Director: Lauren Gainor

CSP Site Coordinator: Carolyn Whitehead

CSP Administrator: Tiffany Conway, BA

HISC Surgery Course Director: Elizabeth Acquista, MD, FACS

HISC Surgery Student Coordinator: Beth Smith

HISC Medicine Course Director: Martin Butler, MD, FACP

HISC Medicine Student Coordinator: Donna Gallagher

Campus Director: Bert Fields

Campus Administrators: Wanda Price and Amber Chrismon

CBLC Site Directors: Zachary Pettigrew, Brittany McIntyre, and Josh Zavitz

CBLC Site Coordinator: Wanda Price

CSP Site Directors: Suresh Nagappan, Hiren Umrania, and Jacob Stinson

CSP Site Coordinator: Wanda Price

HISC Site Directors: Mark Jenkins (Surgery) and Duncan Vincent (Internal Medicine)

HISC/Individualization Phase Site Coordinator: Amber Chrismon

Campus Director: John Perry

Campus Administrator: Shantell Jordan

CBLC Site Director: Rasheeda Monroe, Jesse Hart and Stuart Levin

CBLC Site Coordinator: Erin Bakal

CSP Program Director:  Rasheeda Monroe

CSP Site Director: J.B. Lykes

CSP Site Coordinator: Brenda Nabors

HISC Site Director: John Perry

HISC Site Coordinator: Shantell Jordan

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