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The UNC School of Medicine Novant Health Charlotte Campus provides the UNC curriculum to both the Application Phase (Yr3) and Individualization Phase (Yr4).

  • Only enrolled UNC School of Medicine students are eligible for Application Phase (Yr3) attendance.
  • Individualization Phase (Yr4) students from across all UNC sites as well as visiting students, as allowed by VSLO/VSAS, are eligible to apply for rotations.

Application Phase (Yr3)

All courses in the Application Phase curriculum are offered at all four campuses: Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington and Central (Chapel Hill and surrounding areas). Regardless of site, all courses have the same objectives and assessments. However, each site is characterized by a unique curricular structure incorporating varying amounts of integration, self-directed learning and longitudinal emphasis. All sites offer the breadth and depth of core clinical experiences that represent the clerkship year in a medical school.

Charlotte students will be exposed to an intentional health equity curriculum integrated throughout the year. Experiences at clinics in underserved areas of the city will underscore the importance of helping all patients attain their full health potential.

In Charlotte, Application Phase curriculum and structure is the same as that at the UNC School of Medicine campus in Chapel Hill:


In the CBLC course, students spend three days each week in outpatient primary care clinics with community preceptors in a variety of family medicine, internal medicine and pediatric clinics. Students work with the same preceptors, their staff and patients for 16 weeks. This continuity over time facilitates learning and professional development. Tarheel Time, or self-directed time is used for following up with patients, exploring careers by shadowing in different sub-specialties, working on an independent quality improvement project and directed study. Clinic scheduling is flexible based on preceptors and clinics, but Wednesdays and Fridays are a time for students to join for group learning, scheduled assessments and the monthly Social and Health Systems Science (SHS4) sessions.


During the two courses with an emphasis on inpatient learning, HISC and CSP, students are integrated into a team of providers, supervised by an attending physician and assisted in teaching by residents assigned to the service. Students may participate in call, night or weekend shifts as directed by the clerkship site director to maximize the learning experience. Duty hour restrictions are strictly observed, and call rooms are available as needed. All students have didactic/learning sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings, and Friday afternoons are Tarheel Time for self-directed activities.

Individualization Phase (Yr4)

The Individualization Phase of the TEC Curriculum is the third and final phase of Medical School education. During these 14 months, students develop individual core clinical interests and skills with a focus on future career plans. Students have many options to individualize their learning experience based on their Individualized Learning Plan, their career goal interests and their unique needs for clinical skills development.

Visiting students can access all UNC SOM courses through the VSLO program (sometimes referred to as VSAS). Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (

Clerkship Site Directors

Faculty and Staff