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Additional things to consider in the safekeeping of information.

Security Patches

The latest security patches and updates for your Operating System and Programs significantly reduces the chance of your system being compromised. Student laptops are already configured for automatic updates. More info on Microsoft updates:


If your computer is connected to the internet, you should have an active and correctly configured firewall. Student laptops are preconfigured with an active firewall. For more information on Microsoft firewall configuration go to


A password should be six to eight characters in length and include letters (upper and lower case), numbers, punctuation, and symbols. Please review the SOM Password Policy for further information:

Antivirus Software

Maintain a current version of antivirus software and scan your computer often. Symantec Antivirus download info:

User Security

Lock your computer when you are away using a password protected screensaver or by using the Operating System’s built-in protection. For information on how to set up a Windows workstation go to