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Important IT information that you need to know as a UNC medical student or faculty.

Changing your Onyen password

  • You will be reminded by email every 90 days.
  • Your account will be locked out if you allow your password to expire.
  • Visit to change your Onyen password.
  • After changing your password, remember to change it on all your devices (e.g. smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc.). Forgetting to change it on your smart phone is the most common cause of account lockout after password change.

Information Security & Privacy

Data backup

  • Backup your data regularly (we are not responsible for data loss).
  • If machine is re-imaged (CCI only), the School of Medicine Service Desk will make best efforts to recover School of Medicine data, not personal data, i.e. iTunes, other digital media, etc. and reinstall licensed software for you.

Secure Email

  • With the UNC e-mail system, you can send encrypted messages to addresses outside of campus (sending messages internal to UNC addresses is already considered secure).
  • Put (secure) at the beginning of subject line.
    • Example: (secure) This is an encrypted message!
  • Read more about sending secure email on the ITS Help Site

UNC Email Information

Students and faculty must use the official UNC Exchange email system for university business. Use of external email services (e.g. Gmail) violates this policy.