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iPad Initiative


UNC School of Medicine is committed to incorporating technology into medical education. Each medical student receives an iPad pre-loaded with educational apps for their use during medical school.

These devices give students constant access to tools that will help them throughout various stages of their curriculum, including both pre-clinical and clinical settings. Students have access to electronic textbooks, instructional videos, web content, NBME exam review materials, bedside communication aids, drug references, and much more. Providing point-of-care resources and tools at the touch of the screen enriches the students’ educational experience through this dynamic and highly interactive learning environment.

The devices will be used:

  • In class– to take notes, to share their screen in small group environments, to read texts, and to study for exams.
  • At the point of care – in the hospital, in the clinic, on rounds, before a procedure, or to find answers to clinical questions.
  • At bedside – using multiple apps and resources to improve patient communication, education, and participation in their medical care.
  • At home – with key articles, topic reviews, test preparation, videos.
  • Anytime – to review a lecture that has been given in a prior session or formatted for online learning.