During the Individualization Phase, students must complete two, separate Advanced Clinical Selectives (ACS) at 6 credit hours each to earn a total of 12 credit hours. A single Advanced Clinical Selective is a four-week clinical experience selected by the student in an area of their interest. Additionally, students will receive formative feedback on their preparation for internship and level of entrustability for professional activities (EPAs). While these rotations may occur at any site, the same rotation may also be cross-listed for other clinical experiences, such as APS, and SOM.

ACSs are designed to further improve students’ clinical skills in various specialties regardless of their career path. Therefore, students must choose 2 ACSs that are in different specialties – for example, students can complete one ACS in pediatric surgery and one ACS in Family Medicine but not 2 in Family Medicine. Ideally one of the ACSs chosen will be in an area in which the student struggled during Application Phase. Advisors can help students choose ACSs which will both help prepare the student for internship in their specialty of choice but also help the student improve in areas in which he or she struggled during Application Phase.

The evaluation/grade will be based on preceptor evaluations, a summative assessment, attendance at discussion group(s), and completion of all written assignments.

Course Director: and Course Coordinator: Anna Brown