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2021-22 Course Catalog Submit Away Elective Review Away Elective Reviews

Total Credit Hours Required:

Class of 2022 – 54*
Classes of 2023 & 2024 – 60

* Reflects Changes due to COVID-19

Each course must be a discrete experience | One course cannot fulfill two requirements | Course order varies

1 Acting Internship | 6 credit hours (Class of 2022)

2 Acting Internships | 12 credit hours (Class of 2023)

1 Social and Health System 5 | 3 credit hours

4 Electives | 6 credit hours each | 24 elective credit hours total

Can apply no more than 6 hours of elective credit hours earned in Foundation Phase. Dual degree students have different options.

Transition to Residency  | 6 credit hours

Offered once a year and aligns with Match Week. Requires students to be present in UNC Chapel Hill for the course.

No Selection

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Students will be notified to complete ACLS during a Chapel Hill rotation.

Scheduled by school