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Sponsoring Department: Radiation Oncology

Course Title:  Career Exploration in Radiation Oncology

Faculty Clinical Course Director(s): Drs. Ronald Chen, Tepper, Varia, Rosenman, Morris, Sartor

Radiobiology Course Director(s):Drs. Cox, ZenmanPhysics:Drs. Chang, Deschesnc

Prerequisites: Completion of second year

Periods Offered: All elective periods

Maximum Enrollment: 0-3


Duration of Elective/Selective: 2 weeks

Where/When to report on first day: Conference Room, Ground Floor in Radiation Oncology

Learning Objectives: (what student will be able to do as a result of this experience)

Under the supervision of a preceptor, the student actively participates in the evaluation of patients referred to the department for consultation. The student has the opportunity to perform physical examinations on a large number of patients with a wide variety of physical findings. The student will correlate his/her findings with the radiological and pathological studies whenever applicable. The student will assist in formulating treatment strategies in conjunction with other oncologic specialties and will be involved in the technical aspects of treatment delivery. In addition, a large number of follow-up patients will be seen and evaluated. The student is expected to attend multidisciplinary conferences and clinics. The student will become acquainted with the techniques of radiation therapy, the use of interstitial isotopes, and the use of computers for treatment planning.

Learning Activities: (What the student will do e.g., conferences, rounds, clinic, expected hours, on-call requirements/opportunities)

Hours are generally 8am – 6pm. Each day we receive the simulations from the day before at 8:30am. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday residents present papers/discussion from ~8:00 – 8:30am, which in general are on one disease site for all three days. The students will be encouraged to attend subspecialty multidisciplinary oncology conferences. Frequently food provided. Monday: GI/Melanoma 7:00am; Tuesday: Gynecology 8:00am, and Thoracic 11:45am; Wednesday: Breast 10:30am, and Neurology 3:30pm; Thursday: Lymphoma/Leukemia 11:45am, and GU 1:15pm; and Friday: ENT 7:30am.

Evaluation: (How student will be evaluated e.g., observed administering procedures, interviewing patients, presentation at case conference, participation in rounds, patient write-ups)

Each student works with each attending for a period of time, usually about a week. They will see new patients and present them to the attending, and are generally expected to dictate the history, physical and after discussion with the attending make an assessment and discuss our treatment recommendations. He/she will present one morning conference of about 20-30 minutes. Generally, this is a slide presentation on a patient they have seen and relevant treatment related issues. Discussion follows.

All 2 week career exploration electives are pass fail. Please note what is required for passing.

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