The Individualization Phase of the TEC Curriculum is the third and final phase of Medical School education. During these 14 months, students will develop individual core clinical interests and skills with a focus on future career plans. Students have many options to individualize their learning experience based on their Individualized Learning Plan, their career goal interests and their unique needs for clinical skills development.

Course Structure

The 14 months include 3 Elective months (2 of which should be clinical). One elective may be brought forward for credit. In addition, there are 11 months of required experiences which include:

  • 2 Acting Internships (one of these must be done at an AHEC site or at UNC and must be an inpatient experience).
  • Emergency / Critical Care (clinical experience with focus on emergency and critical care of patients)
  • Science of Medicine: (clinical experience with focus on translational science)
  • Advanced Practice Selective: (clinical experience with a focus on Health Care Delivery)
  • 2 Advanced Clinical Selectives: (clinical experience with a focus on developing clinical skills required for Internship)
  • Capstone: 4 weeks of focused career development for internship, which may include BootCamps for residency and ACLS certification/recertification.

An additional expectation of the Individualization Phase is a professional development component. Students are expected to complete NBME Step 2 and Step 2 CS, using 4 weeks built into the Individualization Phase. An additional 8 weeks are available to apply and interview for residency positions.


The Individualization Phase is led by:

Educational Standards

UNC Competencies and Enabling Competencies, as well as other educational standards, can be found here.


All courses in the Individualization Phase are graded on a scale of Fail, Pass, High Pass, and Honors. Research electives are an exception, and are graded on a Pass or Fail basis.

Individualization Phase Committee

The Individualization Phase Committee develops, evaluates, and manages the Individualization Phase. The committee is led by Drs. Ana Felix and Peadar Noone. Course directors, Campus directors and faculty, student representatives, and key administration attend the monthly meetings. Minutes of the meetings are maintained in an internal learning management system and are available upon request. Contact Individualization Phase Coordinator, with requests or questions. Learn more about the structure and purpose of this and all educational committees.