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Please review the SOM:  Individualization Phase Sakai site for scheduling details


2022 – 2023 Individualization Phase Scheduling

Round 2:  Blocks 5 – 8


February 14 – 27 :  Students submit requests for permission only courses

March 7 – 20:  Lottery form open for students to submit course choices

March 21 – 30:  OME staff runs scheduling lottery

April 1:  Student schedules released in one45 in “My Rotations” for student view

April 4 – ongoing:  Students submit requests for special permission only courses

April 11 – 17:  Student-driven course swap

April 17 (12:00am) – 24:  Students submit block drop/adds for schedule schedule changes

April 25 – 29:  OME processes student bulk/drop add requests



Class of 2023 Schedule Changes


We are trying to minimize the amount of changes that occur throughout Individualization Phase as it creates logistical challenges for preceptors, campuses, and staff. To drop or add a course, please submit the request 60 days before the first day of the course. There will be no changes the week before a course starts or after a course begins except for very extenuating circumstances. Students cannot change a course’s graduation requirement one week prior to a course starts.  View course availability in the left sidebar of this webpage. The report will be updated every 2-3 days.



We would like to streamline requests through this Qualtrics link where we can better manage and monitor requests. Failure to send requests directly to this Qualtrics link will cause a slow-down in the process.  Questions regarding your schedule or additional help can be requested to

Please withhold from emailing our team directly.  All requests sent to our personal email addresses will be forwarded to this shared email account so that we can have historical records of your requests.

If you are requesting a change in your schedule with less than 60 days notice you will need to obtain permission from the course director of the new course you wish to schedule along with approval from your advisor to make this change.