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Frequently asked questions are listed and explained below. The contents of this page will evolve as the program goes live and continues to grow. Thank you for your patience as we continue to build on the information provided.

For setup assistance, please refer to the Tips for iPad document.

What happens if my iPad is stolen/lost/broken?

Unfortunately, the iPads do not have AppleCare or other forms of insurance. Thus, it is highly recommended to use appropriate precautions, including purchasing an iPad case/cover. Cost of device replacement will be discussed on an individual basis, though students may be expect to be charged if appropriate precautions are not taken (not in case, careless, etc.).

If your device breaks or is non-functional, notify

What are the security requirements for using the iPad?

Security precautions are required as students will be accessing patient sensitive information. Thus, each device must be guarded with a passcode and touch ID. Additionally, every device will be enrolled in JAMF, which is a mobile device manager that helps us keep track of the devices and can remote wipe the device if it is lost or stolen. Violation of these security measures will result in honor court violations and any punishment imposed.

What kind of security violations are you talking about?

You are obligated to keep all patient information private. Keep a passcode and fingerprint ID. Do NOT allow others to use the EMR under your name. Do NOT take a photo or screenshot of patient information. If you use your device to add a photo to the EMR, use the appropriate service (Haiku for EPIC).

Is my privacy maintained?

Yes. While the device is enrolled in a management program, we are not collecting data or looking at your activities (trust me, everyone has better things to do). Like any other device that is connected to UNC’s resources, if an issue (privacy breach, other) comes up, only then would user data possibly be examined.

Can I add my own apps to the device?

Yes! Make it yours. However, there are space limitations, so it will not hold a lot of media (songs, movies, photos). We strongly suggest you keep it as a professional device, as well.

What are some good apps to add?

I put most of them of the great free ones on your device already, though there are some paid (and free) that come recommended by students and faculty.

Password manager – LastPass. There is a free version, but probably worth the $12 for an annual subscription. This comes highly recommended.

Essential Anatomy 5 – $25. Thorough, interactive, student-recommended. e-Anatomy app is already on device which is provided by HSL, but a less polished experience. Alternatives are 3D4 apps, Orca Health apps, Visual Anatomy 3D, Virtual Human Body.

ASCCP – Cervical cancer screening guides – $10 app. PDF is free and on device already, so only for heavy users.

MedEquations – $5 – nice interface, thorough yet not obscure. Qx Calculate is on the device and there are also calculators in MedScape. Alternative – MedCalX

Books! – There are many good ones, Bates has a nice $55 version, though there is a not-so-nice free one via HSL. You can search iBooks and find many (i.e. – Brachial Plexus).

Note-taking – On the device is OneNote and the usual note pad. For those who heavily expect to use and organize notes and documents, the best product by far is Evernote, though there are subscription fees/month. Evernote masters can rule the world.

Fitness tracker – consider adding MyFitnessPal or something else to keep you in shape!

Reading app – Pocket and Instapaper are the leaders. These save and store (non-medical) articles for your enjoyment later. Both free.

Office/Productivity – Microsoft and Apple office suite products are free for download, but they are large and slightly slow.

Organization – Wunderlist and Toodledo are both excellent to do list applications.

Are there iPad case recommendations?

Yes, check out the full list of recommendations.

Is the iPad an infection risk?

Yes, just like any other device. When using it for patient care, be sure to use good hand hygiene.

People (residents, attendings, other students) are super jealous of this sweet device. Can they have one?

Possibly. Have them contact Dr. Hobbs. Please do NOT share the complete setup of the device with others, as this is the culmination of years of hard work. It is totally acceptable to share your favorite programs/apps with others!

For general iPad information, including getting started, signing in, and connecting to WiFi, please refer to Apple iPad Support.

For video tutorials, please refer to: iPad Video Tutorials.

Information on professionalism with iPad usage can be found in Professionalism and iPad Use.