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Department of Pediatrics

Overview and Application Process

The Technology in Medicine SCP is a program designed to allow students a rigorous, yet flexible manner to dive deeper into the intersection of technology and medicine. Students in this scholarly concentration program will pursue a longitudinal project of their choosing, usually collaborating with faculty members in the SOM, though partnerships with business, industry, and other innovators in the Research Triangle Park are also possible.

Examples of technologies include, but are not limited to: mobile health technology, electronic medical record, wearable devices, apps, websites, high-fidelity medical simulation, and much more.

Goals of the Technology in Medicine Scholarly Concentration are:

  • Provide an integrated, 4-year elective program that explores the cross-section of information technology and medicine.
  • Increase knowledge and exposure to specific technologies used in patient care and medical education.
  • Individualize each student’s experience to maximize mentorship and practical hands-on experiences.
  • Facilitate research activities, critical thinking, and technology development.

Students who wish to participate in the Technology in Medicine Scholarly Concentration should submit 3-4 paragraphs explaining why they are interested in completing the scholarly concentration program. Students will be selected based on interest, demonstrated commitment to improving healthcare through technology, and prior experiences in information sciences (this is not required). Please note, this SCP works best for students who can demonstrate self-determinism and are willing to work to make the most of their own experiences.

Program Structure and Highlights

Foundation Phase

Students may complete at least one of the following during Foundation Phase

  • Complete the elective MEDI TBD – Special Topics on Technology in Medicine
  • Technology-related mentored research by an approved faculty member during the summer between first and second years
  • Take online or in-person classes that augment the student’s technological skills (coding, machine learning, etc.)
  • All students will participate in any presentations or invited speakers related to Technology in Medicine subjects
  • All students will join/lead the Technology in Medicine student group and contribute to ongoing SOM Technology in Medicine projects

Application Phase

Students will:

  • Be a class representative technology issues as they arise
  • Consider a technology-related project for their quality improvement project during CBLC
  • Continue work on their longitudinal project as time allows

Individualization Phase

Students will present their work during the Transition to Residency course. Additionally, they will either:

  • Complete a longitudinal project for credit OR
  • Design and complete a 4 week elective (OMED 499) for credit that relates to technology in healthcare (“digital sprints” or internships may be options).  You must work with the SCP Director to create a course description and obtain approval from the Registrar’s office with at least 60 days in advance of the start date.

Additional Enrichment Activities

  • Optional: UNC Digital Sprint, Carolina Digital Health Research Initiative (CaDHRI), Triangle Health Innovation Challenge
  • Monthly invited speakers and healthcare technology presentations