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Department of Internal Medicine and Patient Centered Care Course Co-Director


The use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), or bedside ultrasound, is rapidly expanding across medical and surgical specialties. In addition to being a vital clinical skill, POCUS has been demonstrated to improve pre-clinical medical students’ physical examination skill acquisition. UNC SOM owns 4 G.E. Logiq V2 ultrasound machines with vascular, cardiac, and abdominal probes. These machines are readily available for students’ use and practice. At UNC SOM, faculty introduce POCUS in the first year of medical school to enhance physical exam skills, complement anatomic material learned in the Medical Science Course, and develop students’ ultrasonography skills.

Curriculum Structure

The POCUS curriculum is delivered through the Patient Centered Care Course, as well as an elective Intensive Workshop series in which 40 first year medical students participate. These students, in turn, will serve as teachers to the first year class the following year. The POCUS curriculum collaborateswith many talented colleagues in the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Anesthesiology, the Physician’s Assistant Program, and Clinical Skills and Simulation Center.