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Housed within the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development, and under Dr. AnnaMarie Connolly’s leadership, the Teaching Scholars Program is designed to promote expertise in medical education. The year-long program includes monthly seminars and individual projects. The latter provides participants with an opportunity to pursue individual educational interests and to report their results to their colleagues at a symposium and graduation at the conclusion of the Program. Graduation from the Program confers recognition as a scholar in medical education and provides the School of Medicine with a resource of talent in education.

This faculty development program is specifically designed for those individuals who have responsibility for educational programs or courses, or whose work includes a focus on teaching and who seek to develop their skills in that area. The Teaching Scholars are chosen each year from faculty nominated by their department chairs.  Recruitment begins in the Spring of each year.

Scholars will:

  1. Develop skills in teaching and assessment of learners.
  2. Become familiar with major issues in contemporary medical education.


Requirements for completion of Teaching Scholars Program

  1. Participate in at least eight seminars.
  2. Present an educational project in poster session format at August Symposium.


Contact Morgan Resnick-Kahle, Coordinator, at with questions.