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Part of the process of developing your online syllabus is seeking copyright permission for various materials. You may view a copy of the “Questions and Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community“.

Student Stores will duplicate all medical course materials except exams.

  1. Follow the UNC Student Stores’ copyright guidelines and then contact the Course Pack Manager regarding the status of the copyright permissions before finalizing your syllabus. Click on the following link for a complete review of the the University’s Copyright Policy.
  2. Paginate the document.
  3. Let Student Stores know:
    • how many faculty copies are needed
    • how many pages need to be reproduced in color
    • any other special instructions.
  4. Call Chuck Sockell, Student Stores Course Pack Manager, at 962-4708 if you have any questions about the preparation or formatting of your course pack materials.

In order to request copyright permission for your online syllabus, please complete a UNC Student Stores Copyright Clearance Form. You may fill it out online and then either send it to us via email or campus mail (CB 7520).