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3rd Year Scheduling Considerations
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Departmental Career Session
On Friday, December 19, 2014 Student Affairs will be conducting a class meeting in the morning for the rising fourth-year students in Old Clinic Auditorium. In the afternoon departments are encouraged to hold specialty sessions for interested students to provide your department the opportunity to advise our students about your specialty. Please complete and submit the following response form so that we can prepare a schedule of specialty sessions for the students. If you would like to prepare a flyer announcing your department’s sessions, please provide my office (CB#9535-1060 Bondurant Hall) with 200 copies or provide an electronic version by December 8, 2014. Student Affairs will distribute these to the students. Many thanks to you for the outstanding support you have given our students during the residency application process! Please contact Jeri Copeland ( with any questions!
Class of 2015 Residency Application Check-in Survey
Please use the following survey to update the career advising team on the status of your residency applications and interview responses. Keep in mind that every specialty has a different timing for when they offer interviews. The survey will be open until January 31, 2015 so that you can update us on your progress throughout the season. Your information will only be shared with Dr. Georgette Dent, your college advisor and Jeri Copeland who administers the survey. Please answer with as much detail as you can.
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